Of course, there is no comparison of Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby, as Crosby is not that perfect like Ovechkin. But interestingly the show was stolen by Malkin rather that Crosby on this Monday, as highlighted in the recent ice hockey news around the globe.

Good for Malkin as he made a striking career move, with outstanding score by claiming two goals. Definitely, his daring moves supported his team a lot, as the Penguins made a win against Coyotes. This match proved to be an outstanding plate form for Malkin to make a huge success on the ground.

According Crosby, his team mate did a tremendous job and played very well. His striking moves were damn good and further he pushed everyone to think about their current level. He commented more that he was just trying to keep him up to show more successful moves. It seems that his efforts were quite useful for him.
Right now Malkin has more than four goals in his most recent last three matches but ironically he made just eight goals, and it seems he is in charm again to make some good moves.

Malkin’ first goal also made it possible for other players to participate in making goals. Chris Letang followed his path sufficiently and added a nice flavor to the game. Similarly, Malkin scored his outstanding second goal in the second period.
Furthermore, Wolski came with an exciting result by scoring a consolation for the Coyotes just before Conner finished up with his daring third goal of the season to improve the score 6-1 and lead the team to 22-10-2. More or less his performance was quite good for ice hockey betting.

Really, it’s joyful for any player to make interesting score, as Malkin stated that he feels great and definitely in every game he feels better to keep his game up on the high ranking.

The recent match proves to be the most countable performance so far. And it’s proven that there are only a few champs who can make a good average on the ground. No doubt down and fall is always there but only the fittest can survive here.

Malkin is definitely one of those players who are quite confident about their game and professional success. No doubt, the guy is a perfect choice for ice hockey betting now. Moreover, what else he may need when the season has been started with his auspicious success, as stated in the latest ice hockey news.

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