Our careers are such an integral part of our lives, if we’re somehow dissatisfied or unhappy within our job and feel we should be in a better place, it can be extremely disheartening, yet we continue down that path.
Despite our best efforts, unlocking our true potential can be a difficult process to master for the majority. Sometimes having someone looking in from the outside can help us to take a better perspective at our direction in life.

A career development coach will help you to develop the correct mind-set to achieve your dormant goals, you may have once thought were insurmountable. They can bring you both the focus and clarity needed to achieve these life-changing goals. Working one on one with you, they can truly help you to become the best you possibly can be.
A Career Development Coach can help you with…

Career coaching can help you to discover what is important to you in the workplace, what your best skills are, and how to use them at full potential. They will ensure you get the rewards you truly deserve.
A career coach can help you to assess both your character strengths and weaknesses. They can often provide you with realistic insight into parts of your own life you may have overlooked or never even realised. This can provide you with a solid foundation, from which you can then begin to improve, unlocking new prospects and opportunities along the way.

A career development coach can teach you techniques to enable you to build better self-awareness. Greater self-awareness will help you to communicate more effectively, build stronger relationships, and most importantly understand yourself better.

Confidence Building
Sometimes, people can have everything they need for career advancement but can be consciously or subconsciously holding themselves back. Career coaching can help you to develop that crucial self-confidence, along with plenty of support and motivation you will need to take that step forward in your life.

Career Planning
Good planning is vital for successful career progression. Career development coaching can help you to structure a plan to show you exactly how to progress from the position within your chosen career path. They can work with you to help you plan your ideal job, and direct you on the right path to get there as quickly and efficiently as you possibly can.

Career Support
If you are unhappy at work there must be reasons why. A good career coach will help you to identify exactly what those issues are. They can help you deal with difficult situations or people. They can train you to become more assertive and show you how to build better, more mutually respectful relations with your co-workers/employer.

Job Search/Promotion
Job searching can often be a stressful, time-consuming process when undertaken alone. A good career coach can help you with every step of the way with your career advancement. They can help you with professional CV/Resume writing, opening hidden opportunities and preparing you for a successful interview.

Even if you don’t want to change your current career path, career coaching can help you plan the next step in your current job. Coaching will help you prepare for promotion by developing your talents in the best possible way.

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Author's Bio: 

Helen Roberts is a gifted leader, a popular trainer at live events, a coach and a mentor. Her fast-paced, authentic style, her incredible energy and passion will not only inspire you, you will be empowered knowing you can overcome your personal obstacles to be the best that you can be and live an incredible life!

Helen has a track record of success as a Career Development expert, Executive Search consultant, Career Coach, Mentor, Entrepreneur and Career Transition specialist with over 15 years experience. She is one of the most respected leaders in her industry. She has assisted companies and individuals worldwide and has worked out of the UK, Ireland, France, Australia, US and Singapore.

Her philosophy is simple – she always encourages her clients to Find and Do something that they love. She encourages people to strive to be the best that they can be and achieve far greater success doing something that they love as opposed to working, doing something they hate, for a pay check.

Helen has assisted many of the world’s leading investment banks, & other fortune 500 businesses & over 50,000 individuals with their career choices throughout her career. She worked in house managing large scale recruitment contracts with major investment banking & accounting houses. She career counselled people at all levels to move forward in their career.