Suffering from nasal allergies? If so, has someone suggested to you try using a netipot? It could’ve been your first time to hear about it. Or, maybe just today while you’re reading this.

Nasal Irrigation
For perennial allergic rhinitis sufferers, nasal irrigation is vital. Nasal irrigation, also known as “nasal cleansing,” “sinus rinse,” or “sinus cleanse,” is beneficial for nasal-allergy-prone individuals since it removes crusts, bacteria and pus from the nasal/sinus regions. It flushes away external pollutants and allergens trapped in the nasal passages while maintaining a healthy sinus. Many allergy patients say that they feel good after nasal irrigation. Well, why not? It relieves stuffiness and congestion. Breathing becomes free, natural and easy again!

So, what is the role of the netipot? And what is it, really?

Netipot, Anyone?
A netipot is simply a tool, device, or instrument used to irrigate the sinuses. Long before netipots were invented, the simplest way to cleanse the nasal passages was by snorting warm salt solution from cupped hands. It is done by snorting from one nostril and the liquid exiting through the other nostril. The netipot started in India where nasal cleansing is used as a natural healing method to rid the body of harmful elements. Patients who haven’t used a netipot before hesitate at first, thinking that snorting liquid through the nostrils might make them feel like “drowning’”. Nasal irrigation, if done properly, could be one of the best rewards of allergy sufferers.

Salt Solution
Salt is one of the oldest, most versatile substances with many uses. It is used in cooking as a seasoning to add taste. It is also used for food preservation. In medicine, salt is known for its cleansing and healing powers. Salt is a natural healing agent that can eliminate bacteria. In nasal irrigation using a netipot, a warm salt solution is used to wash away excessive upper respiratory secretions and allergens out of the nose.

The Evolution of the Netipot
Netipots can be made from glass, plastic, other metal or ceramic materials. Today, medical equipment manufacturers have come out with more convenient ways to do nasal irrigation. The simple netipot that looks like a teapot with a spout and a handle on the other side has evolved into mechanical devices with pulse and pumps to make the process faster.

Better Than A Netipot
Put your netipots behind the counter because there is a newer and more efficient way to cleanse the sinuses and nasal passages. Medicated Irrigation Therapy consists of a nasal irrigator bottle that is custom-molded to enable users to perform smooth nasal cleansing, combining medicated and saline solutions. With it, comes a preservative-free, natural sea salt solution. Medicated Irrigation is safe with no known side effects. Beware of saline solutions that contain additives in order to give longer shelf life. The additives can give you reactions that could make your allergies even worse than before.

Prevent Nasal Allergies
Clean up your surroundings. Avoid allergens that trigger your nasal allergies. Improve your immune system by getting enough rest and exercise.

Cleanse …. The Best Defense
Cleanse your sinuses using the most efficient nasal irrigation system. Don’t let nasal allergies get you down. Ask your doctor for the right allergy treatment method for you.

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