The car is adorable which is compared to the beautiful women too. If you own a car, you supposed to take care of her like your girlfriend or your wife, isn't it? And if this is gonna be the first one, then I must say that you will take care of your car like a newborn baby. Our car somehow resembles how we are.

There is a research report that people, who have a giant car their nature is kind of dominating and the people who have a pony car is a kind of vagabond and friendly. Therefore, the shape of your car and the type of your car shows what kind of a person you are and obviously, all of them is a car lover.

Car sometimes is the means of transportation but as well as for the lovers they keep more than one car for luxury and social standards. The car is not just a means of transportation for the lovers as I said before it's a cultural aspect as well in big societies. Some people believe that having a nice and elegant car will bring a social respect among their friends and family.

These norms are very common mostly in Asian people. In Europe, having at least one car is more important than about social norms. Now I will tell you about car freaks people and do you know who are they?

Those are Arabian sheiks, those sheiks are really insane. Most of them keep all of the luxurious cars in the world and why not they can afford those so easily. By the way, people love a car not just because of its necessities besides, the car is a symbol of beauty and we all know that everyone loves the thing which is beautiful.

Therefore, some car company is lovable for their outstanding car like Audi, land rover, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari 458. Most of the car lover’s dream to have any one of this or all of this likes Arabian sheiks or the Millionaire handsome rich guy.

There is another thing about car lover is, the car lover is so much conscious and they are painstaking when they buy a new car. Any of them buy the best car expending their budget.

Here, I can tell you that every car user is more or less is a car lover and they always prefer a car which will accommodate his family. Think about one thing if you have a lovely family with your offspring and your beautiful wife you will have a car which has the proper accommodation.

When you are a young girl or boy you will prefer a small pony car with your one or two friends. Therefore, the types of lover are based on their age, sex and somehow the geographical location since the people of car lovers in Asia is more or less different from the people in the USA or in the UK.

Last but not the least about car lovers a car is not just a car it's would be anyone's dream indeed.

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I Love My Car, So Much!