When you buy car insurance it does not always have to be for a full yearly policy. Although this is the way the majority of us think about auto cover, there are various other options that give you much more flexibility for if you need to use a car in other ways. While the standard policy is fine for most of us most of the time, there are situations and occasions when we just need a policy to cover us for a week, a month or even just a day.

There are many reasons why we might want car insurance for a month or another short term period and this is perfectly possible as many companies do provide this option. What you can get does of course vary from insurer to insurer, but in general it is quite common to buy a policy that is just for one day or one week. It may be that you are borrowing a car from a relative or perhaps you want to let someone else drive your car for a month while they stay with you? There are all sorts of circumstances where this type of temporary policy is just the thing, and it is very easy to arrange.

You will generally find that short term policies are quicker and easier to set up than the usual annual agreements. Quite often you can use an online service to buy cover and you can be all set to go in a matter of minutes. The best approach is to shop around online using that great resource that is the internet. There is nothing better for making sure you get good value and finding the companies that specialise in the type of insurance you require.

There is almost no limit to the range of options and flexibility you can have with car insurance. As well as arranging a plan to protect you for a month at a time, you can also find companies that offer you maximum flexibility by letting you just pay for the driving you actually do. So rather than saying you will drive for a week or a month or whatever, you just have an ongoing policy, but only pay in proportion to the actual driving you do.

This type of option is perfect for young people who are not driving to and from work every day. For many new young drivers they are only working part time and are perhaps still living with parents. Their driving needs are quite different to older drivers who are more likely to make very regular journeys every week. In fact anyone who has irregular driving needs could find such a scheme to be just the thing they need.

These policies provide what is known as pay as you go cover and that describes pretty well how it works. Your driving is tracked through a satellite device fixed to your car and you are billed based on the driving you do each month. Instead of paying a flat rate that assumes you are driving regularly, a policy like this allows you to pay more when you need to do a lot of driving and very little when you do not need to use a car. For people who go for extended period where they do not need to drive, these policies can work out to be much more cost effective.

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