Car insurance – best deals for young drivers

Cost comparison websites for car insurance have become the norm nowadays for many people to get their car insurance For young people however they may well not be the best option despite giving the illusion that they are. The illusion exist because of the image they present, rather than the reality of what is involved in using them. Cost comparison websites work by you filling in a fairly detailed online proposal form, which is then electronically checked against insurance rates provided by a number of insurance companies, and hey presto you get an instant quote. The illusion is that this is the best deal around because an automated search has been done of all possible options or scenarios, and the results are displayed accordingly. For insurance purposes, young people tend to be grouped or classified in the age range of between seventeen and twenty five or twenty six. This is a slightly arbitrary grouping but one you will need to work in, if you are going to apply for car insurance and within that age group. Young people, as defined above get clobbered financially with car insurance premiums, for a number of reasons, the biggest reason is their age, and the fact that because of that they are considered a bigger risk, because they may be more reckless, drive faster, have flashier cars etc. All these reasons can be stereotypes and generalization. Whilst there may be some truth in some of them, they will patently be untrue for a lot of young people. Unfortunately these assumptions are also the basis on which the algorithms that work out the quotes on cost comparison websites are based. Because these systems are full automated, they are pretty inflexible, which is why for this age group, they may well not be the best option. These cost comparison sites can well be a good place to start, if only as a point of comparison for other quotes. Once you have got a quote or quotes from these sites, get quotes from other online sites as well. Many sites are not included in cost comparison sites, and even those that are may give you a different more personalized quote if approached separately. Once these options are exhausted try an insurance broker. They specialize in getting you the best option, and should have specialist knowledge in high risk or problem areas. They may well know of specific insurance companies that target young people with decent quotes with a view to building up a decent long term relationship. The other things to consider are what you can do to minimize risk yourself. There are a number of things on and off policy that can make a difference to how much you pay. A higher excess can reduce costs, as can have a more basic form of cover, or asking friends where they got there insurance from.

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The author is a freelance writer who specializes in insurance having spent many years in the industry,working at Lloyd's of London, in particular he writes about car and auto insurance explaining what car insurance is for and the related area of car insurance.