Car carrying has always been a delicate problem to talk about for drivers, especially owners of expensive, luxury cars. If you need your car transported from a part of the country to another in Australia, you can either drive the car yourself or hire a professional transportation company to haul it for you and get it transported to its destination. Of course since many inexperienced drivers would rather hire a professional driver or a company to tow their car to its destination, transport companies providing car carrying services have seen a significant growth in the past few years.

In the following lines we will go over the best methods to get your car transported in Australia, safely and without any worries. We will also go over some pre-transport preparation tips which might lower the chances of any accidents to occur during the period of the transit.

Hiring a professional transportation company can be rather frustrating since there are so many of them out there in Australia and cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland or Perth, that it can be difficult to find the one which provides the best services available. Asking people for reviews or just asking the company for quotes or feedback from past clients can be a way to help choosing the best company. You should be aware of the transportation methods they provide and also about the equipment they use. You don’t want your car carried using old or improper equipment or by an inexperienced team which might cause accidents to occur.

If you choose to use the open-trailers method you should have your car insured since this is a rather riskier method. Because the trailers are open, the car might get damaged by outside external elements during the transit. It is recommended to choose the enclosed-trailers method which might be more expensive but it can save you a lot of worries. You can also rent a trailer and drive it yourself to the destination if you had any experience in the past driving trailers.

You should clean the car well both on the inside and outside before shipping out. You also want to remove any personal or valuable items from the car, since most insurance policies don’t cover personal items. You should also remove any antennas, spoilers, fog lights or any other accessories which might detach or fall off during the transit and cause damage to the rest of the car. You should empty your gas tank to at least a half in order to save on some weight. Also check to see if your battery is charged.
Before transportation you should also talk to your shipping company about the insurance policy. Ask them what types of damages and accidents it covers and what documentation is needed. Also inform the company of any present damages to the car before departure. You can also take photos of the car from all sides, in order to use them as proof if your car gets damaged.

Carrying your car around in Australia can be difficult if you don’t choose the proper team to do it. Being prepared can save many worries and can lower any risk that your car will get damaged during the transit.

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