We often eat berries for dessert or as a part of a general meal but did you know that berries are good cancer busters? They prevent constipation a subject that some people are afraid to talk about. Berries also reduce the risk of infection.

Take for example strawberries; the Romans believed strawberries could cure everything from loose teeth to gastritis. Raspberries, according to folklore, had the ability to soothe inflamed tonsils.

Perhaps the benefits of berries have been exaggerated; but they have good reputation for healing and their popularity is on the rise. Berries contain many substances that show promise for preventing such serious problems as cataracts and cancer.

Ellagic Acid a Healer

Berries contain this special compound called ellagic acid, and are known to help prevent cellular changes that can lead to cancer. All berries contain some ellagic acid, with strawberries and blackberries having the most. Ellagic acid is a good companion for us in helping to fight cancer a claim made by a professor of Dermatology from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland.

Another research shows that the ellagic acid that berries contain may help fight cancer on several fronts. Ellagic acid is a powerful antioxidant, meaning that it can reduce damage caused by free radicals and harmful oxygen molecules that can literally bore holes in healthy cells and kick off the cancerous process. “It also detoxifies carcinogens,” said Dr. Stoner.

Treatment for the Eyes And More

Ellagic acid isn’t the only compound in berries that fights free radicals. Berries are also very high in vitamin C, one of the most powerful anti-oxidants. Increasing the use of vitamin C in your diet may help you reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and infections. Vitamin C seems to play an important role in preventing cataracts, which are formed when there is oxidation of the protein that forms the lenses of the eyes.

Are you aware of the amount of Vitamin C contained in berries? A half-cup has 42 milligrams, which represent 70 percent of the Daily Value (DV).  In comparing this to the vitamin C content of a grapefruit, the berries have shown far more vitamin C. One half-cup of elderberries has 26 milligrams of vitamin C, 43 percent of the DV, and a half-cup of blackberries has 15 milligrams, 25 percent of the DV.

Fiber! Fiber! Eat Your Berries

Another good thing about berries is that they help to prevent constipation. Berries contain large amounts of insoluble fiber, which is absorbent.  Berries draw large amounts of water into the intestine that makes stool heavier. This process causes heavy stools to travel through the intestine at a faster rate, and as such you’re less likely to become constipated. Another benefit of the fiber in berries is the help it gives to prevent bile acid (bile is a chemical that the body uses for digestion) from becoming too acidic, it can transform into a dangerous, potentially cancer-causing form.

Elderberries are known for their high fiber sources. One half of cup contains 5 grams of fiber. A half of cup of blackberries has more than 3 grams of fiber, while a half-cup of raspberries has 4 grams.

Kitchen Protocol for Berries

Fresh berries are highly perishable and need special handling to maintain peak freshness.

When shopping for berries: Look for leakage or mold growths. Berries that are leaking from the bottom of the package are either old or have been crushed and are giving up their juice. Look for a fresher, drier batch. Turn the package upside down to examine.

Give them room. When storing berries at home, don’t crowd them together, that will cause them to deteriorate rapidly. It’s best to store them unwashed and covered, in a large bowl in the refrigerator or spread out on a platter.  Rinse and pat dry with paper towel
whenever you are ready to eat them.

Plan ahead. Berries freeze well, so you can enjoy their fresh taste all year long.

Capture Berries Goodness

Shop by Color. To get the most nutrients in each bite, it’s best to buy or pick berries that are at their peak of freshness. The best way to tell is checking the color. Blackberries should be jet black, raspberries should be black, golden or red: blueberries, a powdery blue; and strawberries, a bold red.

Eat them fresh. Cooking destroys large amounts of vitamin C. Something you should know that even slicing strawberries could cause vitamin C levels to decline because it causes the release of an enzyme that quickly destroys the vitamin. To get the most vitamin C, it’s best to buy strawberries that are still wearing their little green caps, and slice them just before serving.


You know the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables for better health. The recommendation is eating a minimum of 5 A Day. Include berries as part of that mix. Because variety is the spice of life, eat to be healthy to get all the nutrients you need for a healthy diet. Choose whole or cut up fruits and vegetables rather than juices most often. Juices contain little or no dietary fiber. Set good examples for your children. Choose to eat more fruits and vegetables to be healthy!

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