Photography plays an important role in most of the occasions these days. Everyone wants to capture images in a way that they become unforgettable for them. Whenever they see back those images than those images bring a smile on their face. For this reason, most of the people are in search of a perfect photographer. Ekta studio is the best photographer in Lucknow. The professionals here are best at capturing wedding pictures. Thus, Ekta Studio consists of a team of the best wedding photographer in Lucknow.

Besides wedding photography, Ekta Studio is also good in various types of photography. Portrait photography is one of them. Ekta studio discusses portrait photography as the way of representing photos in the form of portrait. The photographer captures images in such a way that it represents the personality of the subject in the portrait. Portrait photography requires effective lighting. Ekta studio consists of a team of professional photographers in Lucknow who are best at doing portrait photography.

In this blog, I am going to discuss various tips provided by Ekta Studio for doing wedding photography.

Tips are given by portrait photographer:

•Subject framing-
The word subject framing in portrait photography defines whether the image of a person in a portrait reflects a proper subject or not. Framing gives the wow effect to your image which is in the portrait.

The wide-angle lens is best for doing portrait photography. The wide-angle lens provides you great focal length. It also captures images that are sharp in nature and good in color representation. The dramatic view can also be provided in portrait photography for making it more interesting.

•Background styles-
Background must be clear while capturing images. You can also edit background if it is not making a picture attractive. Set the background that suits your picture and make it attractive.

•Try different formats-
Changing formats in portrait photography can make your portrait picture more effective. Trying different format in a horizontal and vertical direction can make your picture to look more beautiful. The pictures in portrait photography cannot be of the same type.

•Key light-
The key light is the main light while capturing portrait pictures. It is usually placed on the subject’s face.

•Fill in light-
Fill in light is used to control the contrast in the picture and is always placed above the lens axis.

A backlight separates the subject from the background. This light, when added to the background, lifts a tone of the background.

•Butterfly light-
In butterfly lighting, two lights play the main role in dim light and key light. If you capture the image by keeping in mind these two lights than your portrait picture will be the best.

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