Giving canvas photo prints as gifts to friends or loved ones is something which is undeniably tempting but at the same time fraught with stress. The temptation arises from the fact that a work of art is a genuinely spectacular and thoughtful gift to give, whilst there’s no getting away from the fact that finding an artwork which you feel perfectly matches someone else’s tastes and personality is a stressful task. That’s where personalised photo gifts come to the rescue.

When it comes to thinking of original mother’s day gift ideas, the key lies in taking the time to think about what your mum really cares about. Chocolates, flowers and perfume may well be politely received, but there’s not really anything very personal about them, and if ever there was a day which is all about demonstrating you’ve taken the time to stop and really think about somebody, then surely it’s Mothers Day? The whole point of buying gifts for Mum is that it’s an opportunity to show her that you appreciate just how much she’s done for you. After all, she’s been there, quite literally, from the first moment you were born, and, no matter how old you get, she’s the first person you turn to in times of need or when you require a shoulder to cry on. That’s why it pays to take a bit more time and trouble and use your own photographs to make unique gifts such as photo calendars. Selecting favourite images from your own collection will enable you to build a calendar which any mother will hold dear to her heart. Whereas, in years gone by, the thought of printing your own calendar was something which would only have occurred to professional artists or those with access to the best in printing technology, the flexibility offered by digital photography means that it is now possible for anyone with a digital camera to print their own.

The first part of the process involves selecting the images you wish to feature on the calendar - in the case of mother’s day these will almost certainly be pictures of the children or grandchildren concerned. Once you’ve done this, you can upload them to the website involved and then use the software to plan and lay out every page of the calendar. No experience in graphic design or computing is required since it’s been specially designed to be instinctive and logical in nature, and the finished result can be modified to completely match your requirements. Once printed, it will be more than a match for those which are commercially available, whilst featuring images of a totally personal nature.

The same standards apply to the canvas prints which area available, meaning that you can produce a gallery standard work of art printed on top quality canvas but featuring a photograph form your own collection. Canvas photo prints of family photographs match the quality of anything produced by a professional studio, whilst also capturing the warmth and spontaneity of family snapshots. Using the very best canvas and the latest techniques, these prints will be gifts which delight on the day and continue bringing pleasure for years to come.

When it comes to finding original mother’s day gift ideas which will demonstrate just how much the woman who gave you life really means to you, photo gifts are the perfect blend of the luxury quality and the totally personal. From canvas prints to photo calendars, they’ll clearly demonstrate just how much thought you’ve put into the day.

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