Can't Stand Sight of My Husband: I Can't Stand Living With My Husband

If I had to give one advice on marriage, it would be good communication.

There are a lot of married couples now who only get to have a meaningful conversation a few times in a month. Some have all the time to communicate but instead spend it with insignificant arguments.

What they don't realize is their marriage may fail without good communication.

Here are a Few Elements of Good Communication in Marriage...

Communicate With Respect

You should always communicate with your partner with respect. There are times that when married couples argue, sarcastic responses are being used.

Making false accusations is also a sign of disrespect. Always give your partner the benefit of the doubt. What if you answer honestly then your partner rolls his eyes? Respect each other's opinion. Not because you have different views on some subjects doesn't mean you are no longer compatible.
Also hear each other out, speak and listen to each other with respect.

More Communication = Less Problems...

Always have time to talk. Some couples are unable to communicate with each other because they are too busy working, doing household chores, or taking care of the children.

Though you can't talk to your partner while you're on the job, you can always start a good conversation while doing other things. While you're cooking, while driving your car, when you're doing some groceries, or while enjoying a movie.

Just communicating with your partner every time you have the chance will help you with your marriage.

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Don't Just Talk, Listen...

My advice on marriage of good communication not only requires talking, but also a lot of listening. Always hear both sides of the story.

Listening will show that you respect what your partner has to say. Don't interrupt when your partner is trying to explain something. Though there are times that both cannot agree on the same thing, you always have to listen and respect your partner's opinion so you can both make necessary adjustments to make everything work for the both of you.

Honest Communication Makes a Happy Marriage...

There is no such thing as good communication if there is no honesty in it. One lie can lead to another and you may end up living a marriage based on lies. Usually, stories are made up because of the fear of hurting your partner's feelings, or you failed on something and you don't want your partner to think differently of you.

However, you should not be afraid to tell the truth. Your partner deserves to know the truth whether it would hurt him or not. It is also best that the truth come from you instead of him hearing it from someone else. Good communication is honest communication.

Married couples all have their own issues. However, my advice on marriage is that good communication will keep your relationship from falling apart and keep it healthy. And of course, to develop good communication in your marriage, you must understand the elements mentioned above, put effort into it, and always be honest and respectful to your partner.

But communication can actually hurt your marriage if it's not handled correctly. I made this mistake in my own marriage.

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Did you know that your behavior during your marriage crisis will be one of the most crucial factors in saving your marriage? Not only does it have everything to do with saving your marriage, but it can also be the reason why you can't.

What often happens when a marriage is in trouble or facing a divorce is we become so self absorbed in the way we feel at every moment that we lose control. You lose control over what you're saying and what you're doing in every situation because your riding on the way you feel. This type of uncontrolled behavior whether you're aware of it or not, makes saving your marriage harder than it has to be.

But, hey I'm with ya here. You probably feel as though you're in complete control and who am I to say you don't. I guess you're probably right, to some degree. But, let me just ask you, how many times have you done something or said something already that you wish you wouldn't have? Can you add up right now in your mind, how much you could have prevented from making things worse if you would have just thought it out a little more? How does it make you look, in front of your spouse to be behaving this way? Really think about that one for a minute.

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You want to save your marriage right? So what about these unattractive behaviors makes your spouse want to stay in the marriage any longer? None of them. None of the crying or the begging to stay, the lashing out, the bothering them every minute of the day about the marriage is making your situation any easier. The up and down emotional roller coaster you're riding on now has to stop if you're going to save your marriage.

Instead of letting these behaviors come naturally to you, and riding them out as they are, learn to resist them. Put it in your head right now, that if you let this type of behavior continue on it will ultimately end your marriage. For most of us, it's behaving in a manor opposite the way we feel. You could easily give your spouse a real good piece of your mind because you're angry and hurt inside, say a few things that will knock them down a few levels, but resist. Learn to walk away, defuse heated arguments instead of escalating them with rants of your own. Put yourself mentally in a position of reacting and acting positively, not negatively adding to the problem.

Letting yourself be controlled by this natural behavior is easy, but it can cost you your marriage. Working to control your behavior right now may be difficult at first, but it will be the most rewarding and actually aid in saving your marriage, not ending it.

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In order to improve the state of your marriage, both people have to be ready and willing to make an honest effort. This means doing whatever it takes to start making progress and getting your problems solved. Once you are both aware that your relationship is in need of some sort of help, you can consider your options. You may not think you have any except divorce, but the fact is that there are many different ways to avoid divorce and get your marriage back on track right away.

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A simple yet effective way of doing this is to talk more with your spouse on a regular basis. If you aren't communicating enough already, this can be an especially helpful and eye-opening exercise that you can do with your spouse. Start having conversations sometime in the day, preferably at a time that you both have free so it isn't rushed. Start out by talking about simple everyday things like work and then move on to larger more emotional subjects like your marriage and the way you feel about each other. This is something that a lot of couples don't do and as a result their marriage suffers. You may be currently underestimating the power that conversation and straight-forward honest talks can have in saving a marriage. If you start opening up the lines of communication in your relationship then you will start seeing results and becoming happier with where you are with your partner.

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Your spouse just dropped the bomb. He wants a divorce. You, on the other hand, want to save the marriage. So what do you need to do? What can you do to stop your spouse from leaving without becoming "that crazy wife"?

Do not worry. You can save your marriage. However, be extra careful when you decide on the best advice to follow. Do not collect every trick available. Do not use every trick all at once. If you seriously want to save your marriage, check out my 3 tips. The tips are no-drama and no-stress to you. At the same time you get to keep your personal self respect.

It is time to get good advice!

Divorce is becoming so common that practically everyone has an opinion on ways you can save your marriage. Some of the advices given can be pretty good and practical. However, those well meant advices can also backfire on you. Your best bet is to talk to a marriage counselor. They have vast experiences in mending broken marriages and relationships.

You must stay attractive!

Your spouse married you because you were attractive. Did your appearance or habits change over the years of marriage? If it did, it is time to think back and find out what exactly your spouse found you attractive. Then play up that trait a little. Make sure he knows and get him involved. Let him see that you are trying.

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You need to take time out!

At this moment in time, you will be in a state of emotional distress. There is a high chance you will act based on your emotions. During this period, you must take some time out to calm down. When you talk to a spouse who wants a divorce, you must be emotionally stable. Otherwise you risk scaring your spouse for good.

Take this cooling period to think things over. Identify reasons for the marriage failure. As women, we are guilty for being overly emotional, a little demanding and a nag. This is especially true if you have been married over a longer period. Be honest and take a good look at yourself. How much have you changed since you first got married? You must take steps to show your spouse that you will change. You need to rein in your emotions. Be the person you were when you first got married.

Trying to save your marriage without losing your personal self respect is important. You must stay calm. You need to let your spouse know you are trying to save the marriage. Your spouse needs to realize that you are still the same person he once loved. If you follow a proven plan from a professional marriage counselor, there is a high chance you can stop your divorce and save your marriage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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