In order to set up and configure your WiFi range extender, you need to access mywifiext web address. But most of the time, when users try to visit this web address, they might receive an error saying, “you are not connected to your extender's network” or “can't reach the website”. It is really annoying and the error message just doesn't go away regardless of what they try.
If you are also sailing on the same boat, here is the rescue plan. This post will walk you through various workarounds to troubleshoot 'mywifiext not working' issue. Let's get started.

Why I Can't Access

Users come across a lot of error messages because is not a standard website on the internet. It is just a local web address intended to set up a new WiFi extender and customize settings of an already installed extender.

A local web address means the settings panel is saved on the firmware's index file. When you try to access web address, you will be taken to this index file. Thereafter, you need to enter the extender login credentials.

Which Mywifiext Error Do You Receive?

When you try to access mywifiext local web address, different error messages may pop up on the basis of the web browser you are making use of. A few of them are given below:

Safari: Unable to reach the server.

Firefox: Can't find the server at

Chrome: Can't display the webpage or Unable to connect to the internet

Internet Explorer and Edge: Page can't be displayed or You are not connected to a network

Now, you know the error pop-ups very well, don't you? In case of such error messages, proceed further with the below-given troubleshooting steps.

Fix: Mywifiext Not Working

1. Cross-Check the Web Address

Be certain that you have entered the correct web address. There are not any typos in the entered web URL. A wrong URL might lead you to a fraudulent website. So, verify the web address before entering it.

Another common mistake that users do is they type the web address into the search bar rather than the address bar. Therefore, keep in mind to enter the web URL into the address bar present on the very left side.

2. Delete Temporary Files From Web Browser

Maybe it is your web browser that is creating mywifiext login issues. Delete all junk files, cache, history, and cookies from the web browser you are making use of. To get the job done, click on the three vertical lines, i.e. menu in the web browser and select the Clear Browsing Data option.

3. Use an Updated Web Browser

Still facing the same issue? If so, possibilities are that you are making use of an old version of the web browser that is not compatible with mywifiext. That's why it is better to update your browser to the most recent version.

4. Reset the Web Browser

If the issue is not with the junk files or software version, try resetting your web browser to the default factory settings. Simply click on the Menu icon in your browser's window and choose the Reset Settings option.

5. Check the Power Supply

It is obvious that when you access web page, the extender must be turned on. But if the power being supplied is fluctuating, then you may face extender login issues. So, make sure to provide constant power supply to your WiFi range extender. In addition to this, the wall socket in which your extender is plugged in should not be short-circuited or damaged.

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