Picture it: a dimly lit bathroom with a steaming, hot bath to wash away the stress of your day. You can’t wait to slip into the tub and, before you do, consider how you can layer the healing powers of cannabis to set yourself up for maximum relaxation and to release tension.

Here are some suggestions to help get you into the mindset of what might work best for you:

  • A pre-tubtime smoke or vape to get you in the right mindset
  • CBD bath bombs to relax you, body and mind
  • Tasty edibles for delayed onset and a good night’s rest
  • Topicals applied to the skin after your bath to extend your experience

Before you click over to buy your weed online in British Columbia, consider what other products you might include in your order to create your at-home cannabis-infused spa.

Choosing the Right Strain Prior to Your Cannabis-Infused Bath

Many people prefer to smoke or vape an indica or indica-dominant hybrid in the evening. Sativas can be energizing for some. If you are a new consumer, or if you are unsure about your preference, speak with the budtender.

When you buy your weed online in British Columbia, reach out via the chat function or, if you have more time, submit a message through the website.

The team at your dispensary will likely recommend something with more indica, and they may even recommend something with a higher CBD content.

Using CBD Bath Bombs to Relax Body and Mind

CBD bath bombs are a wonderful way to enhance a bath. They offer the soothing properties of CBD, they soften the water, and they have a nice scent. If you are using a bath bomb containing soothing essential oils, you can enhance your relaxation even further.

If you are choosing a scented bath bomb, stick with something like lavender, chamomile, or cedarwood. There are several other essential oils that calm both body and mind. If these options are not available, check with your online budtender for their recommendation.

How Edibles Can Promote a Good Night’s Rest

Because edibles go through the digestive system before their effects are felt, it can help to eat them before your bath. That way, by the time you are ready to get out of your bath and slip into bed, you will likely start to feel the edible’s relaxing effects.

Edibles have a deeply relaxing effect on the body and can help promote a good night’s rest. Many people experience a “body stone” from edibles. In other words, the experience is less of a brain high and more of a bodily experience.

Can Using Topicals Provide Extra Relaxation?

Topicals are great for achy muscles and tension. Applying these after the bath, when the skin is extra absorbent, will help the CBD or THC from the topical melt into the skin and into your muscles.

Because we stiffen and hold tightness in the body when we feel stress, having a bath will put the body in a relaxed state, making it easier for the topical to provide the relief promised by the topical product description.

Other Cannabis Bathtime Tips For Buying Weed Online in British Columbia

Many online dispensaries have a “specials'' page. Here you can often find gummies and other edibles, lower-priced flower, and more. Accessing products at slightly lower prices can help you experiment with your cannabis bath regimen until you find what works for you.

A bath alone is a great way to relax yourself. Enhancing your bath with cannabis, both with THC and CBD, can offer extra relief and take the edge off the most challenging days.

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