Cancer is the second leading cause of death among Americans. Many people do not realize that cancer is largely a disease which can be prevented through lifestyle and dietary modifications as well as through targeted supplementation. Prevention is the key to reducing the number of cancer deaths, as once this disease has spread to multiple organs, survival rates plummet. 100 years ago, it is estimated that cancer affected 1 in 80 people, yet today nearly 1 in 3 Americans will deal with some form of the disease.

A Century of Lifestyle Alterations Lead to Cancer Proliferation

Our lifestyle in the US has changed dramatically over the last century. We have evolved from a predominately natural, unprocessed type of diet to the Standard American Diet (SAD) which is based on quick and easily manufactured refined carbohydrates, trans fats, high fructose corm syrup and overcooked fat-laden proteins.

Less than 10% of the modern diet consists of foods in their natural form, as most of the vitamins, minerals, fiber and nutrients have been removed and then infused with sugar, salt and chemicals to make the end product more to our liking. Today's food manufacturing procedures lead to the type of high calorie foods which change our body's cellular metabolism resulting in the explosion of overweight and obese individuals, and has been directly linked to 100,000 cancer cases annually in the US.

The alteration of our foods is one of the leading causes in the proliferation of cancer. Over a period of years and decades, our body is deprived of essential nutrients which are required to keep our immune system healthy in the fight against rogue cells which periodically turn cancerous. The body is able to compensate for poor nutrition initially, but eventually can no longer keep pace with newly generated cells which have not developed correctly. Over time, enough of these pre-cancerous cells develop and a tumor encases the growth, eventually leading to metastatic movement to different organs in the body. At this point, modern medicine will attempt to slice, burn or poison the cancer , usually with very dismal results.

Cancer Can Be Prevented By Dietary and Environmental Changes

Cancer is a disease involving cellular replication, DNA and genetics. While some cancer incidence is due to genetic susceptibility, the vast majority of cases are due to the lifestyle influence we impose on our DNA through diet and our environment. A single fast food meal consisting of a burger, fries and sugary soft drink has been shown to negatively impact our genes which control cancer proliferation.

Additionally, our internal and external environment has changed considerably over the prior century. Airborne pollutants are belched into the atmosphere and absorbed by our skin. Virtually every home cleaning product, air freshener and laundry detergent contain a host of chemicals which over time prove to be carcinogenic. Over many years, the lack of nutrients from our refined diet when combined with a toxic environment of chemical exposure lead to an excessive burden on our body, ultimately contributing to the exponential increase in cancer cases.

Prevent Cancer Through Natural Diet and Vitamin D Supplementation

It is possible to prevent cancer in many cases by adopting a natural dietary approach which highlights foods eaten raw or minimally cooked. This ensures a high nutrient content while providing our cells with the necessary building blocks for daily cellular regeneration. Eliminating poor food choices has the added benefit of attaining and maintaining a healthy weight which can have a positive impact on overall health. One essential tool in the cancer prevention mix is Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is intricately involved in the process of DNA formation within the cell, and acts as a blueprint to accurately guide the gene replication process. Ensuring sufficient levels of Vitamin D through blood testing can reduce the incidence of many cancers by as much as 75%. It is important to note that the vast majority of Americans are severely deficient in Vitamin D, as it is scarce in the food supply and conversion in the skin by exposure to sun is limited in most adults.

Developing a sound cancer prevention strategy is essential for every adult. Although cancer incidence has skyrocketed over the past century, today we have a thorough understanding of the steps which must be followed to prevent this insidious disease. Our diet has evolved to the point where most of the food we eat has been manipulated by a manufacturing processor, stripping most of the essential nutrients required to maintain good health.

Further, we are subjected to a never ending assault of pollutants and chemical exposure which tears apart our native immune response and opens the door for cancer development. By adopting a natural approach to diet, eliminating unnecessary chemical exposure and supplementing with Vitamin D, we make a very important step forward toward a cancer free life.

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