One quote from one book inspired me in my fight with cancer. “Every adversity, failure, and setback carries with it a seed of an equal or greater benefit.” This quote from Think and Grow Rich became a daily mantra of hope and inspiration during my senior year of college. On September 11th, 2002, I answered a phone call that forever changed my life. It was my doctor and he told me I had cancer. That moment became a turning point in my life. After going into remission, a new passion for life was born inside of me. The desire to share my story with others became a driving force. A seed of greater benefit was beginning to grow.

Seven months later, just when life was getting back to normal, the cancer came back. This time my doctor recommended a bone marrow transplant. While lying in the hospital receiving treatment, the vision of speaking to others played in my mind. I grasped a hold of the hope of something greater coming from my experiences. It took nine months to find a donor. During the wait the cancer spread to my cerebral spinal fluid, and I was given a less than ten percent chance of living. Further complications caused me to slip into an unconscious state; doctors did not think I would live. With every setback a belief the seed of greater benefit was growing under the surface.

On Mother’s Day 2004, after a successful bone marrow transplant I walked out of the hospital cancer free and have been in remission ever since. What an awesome feeling walking out cancer free. Throughout all the treatments and waiting, the hope of one day sharing my story carried me through. Now the dream of being an inspirational speaker has become a reality. Through my story, the seed of a greater benefit is inspiring others. The purpose of my message is to inspire others to reach their true potential in life by overcoming challenges, improving daily, and achieving their dreams. When someone comes up to me after a talk and says how my story has inspired them, it makes all the suffering and pain endured worthwhile.

The first night that I was in the hospital, the lead nurse shared how her sister was a cancer survivor. Her sister told her having cancer was the best thing that ever happened to her. At the time, I thought her sister was crazy. Now looking back at my experience, I can echo her statement. Cancer is something that I would never want to go through again but am grateful for the experience. The lessons learned have been life changing.

Cancer may have taken away my youthful believe that tomorrow will continue forever but instead the blessing of helping others through speaking has been gained. Every day is now a precious gift, one to be cherished and lived to the fullest. My experience with cancer has been turned into a positive. It has shown me my purpose, demonstrated the importance of a positive attitude and given me a greater passion for life. Now as an inspirational speaker the seed of adversity has grown into a giant tree of greater benefit.

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Matt Jones is a 3x cancer conqueror, author three books and completed a marathon. Through his story, Matt inspires audiences to thrive in the midst of adversity and exceed present levels of success. For more information or contact him to speak visit

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