All star signs are divided into one of the four elements; namely water, fire, air or earth. Cancer is considered to be a water sign, which means that emotions and intuition are emphasized. These individuals tend to make decisions through intuition and emotions rather than clinical logic, but that is not to say they do no think things through alongside this.

Within the zodiac, star signs are always either cardinal, mutable, or fixed. The star sign Cancer is classified as cardinal. This means having an outward focus, and a desire to get things moving or start new projects.

Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon, which governs the sub-conscious mind, and also the emotions and intuition. They symbol of Cancer is the crab, with a hard integument but soft flesh underneath. Whenever danger threatens, it withdraws into its shell or retreats into the sea.

Cancer rules the breasts and stomach but it is a misconception that these individuals are prone to gaining fat. The lucky day for this sign is said to be Monday, with the birthstone reputed to be a Pearl. The dates for this star sign are between 22nd June and 22nd July.

Cancer colors are silver, and sea green or blue. This sign also rules the cities of New York, Venice and Amsterdam. Each star sign has a symbol or glyph. Cancer’s glyph is two circles of the sun connected to two crescent moons. The given polarity for this star sign is Capricorn.

Whilst Cancer is the sign of family life and the home, Capricorn seeks prestige out in the world. From another perspective, they represent the maternal and paternal energies respectively.

Following on from this, Cancer represents nurturing energy. For this reason these natives are usually caring and compassionate. However, it is also common that Cancer personalities like to appear strong, and not show their feelings to everyone. This stoic exterior can act as a defence mechanism and mean that it is not always easy to read what the native is thinking or feeling.

Traditionally, Cancer people have a well-developed imagination and artistic perception. Similarly, they are usually sensitive to the changing nuances of their environment. Due to their reliance on feelings, these natives can sometimes be vulnerable to bouts of melancholy, or simply coming across as a little surly. Such moods are transient, however. These individuals tend to seek out close personal relationships and are at their most content when surrounded by the familiar and those whom they love.

This sign is concerned with money in the home and also business on a larger footing. Cancer is also nostalgic and interested in history, and artefacts and archaeology from the past. Because of this, the native may like to retain objects and keepsakes that are imbued with sentimental value.

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