Do we sit around and wait until cancer or illness knocks on the door and deal with it than, or do we prevent it happening in the first place? From the medical site, there's always talk how to cure cancer and illness once you have it. Seldom is there talk how to prevent it. Is the medical profession interested in preventing illness and cancer, or is it primarily only interested in treating illness and cancer when we got it?

Prevention is better than cure!

There would be no doubt in any one's mind that prevention is by far better than cure. To cure any illness, we have basically two options: Do we seek conventional or alternative medicine? By using modern conventional treatment this will be only achieved with drug treatment, chemo, and radiation therapy, none of them without side effects. These treatments are expensive. There are more people employed by the cancer industry than there are patients. Most drugs come with potential side effects being worse than the original symptom and may not have any significant health benefits.

By looking at these options we have to acknowledge that prevention is better than cure. Prevention is not such a big issue. There is no hospitalization required or any medication necessary.

What can we do? First up, being honest to yourself: Is your body telling you something? No doctor or anyone else knows your body better than you. Little symptoms appear, a bit sluggish, no self-esteem, lack of energy, some little pain that comes and goes and we just ignore it.
First thing first: Have a close look at the food you eat. Is it necessary to make some changes? Also look at your exercise and activities. Is your body getting what it needs? Some people say I am on a good supplement that fixes all, not so! You can have the best supplement available on this planet; it would not help to improve your health without correcting all other issues first.

Make lifestyle changes or face health disaster!

How do I change all this? Just a step at the time! It is important to make changes gradually. If you are a big eater start to make your meal size smaller. Most people eat too much and exercise too little. Some of the food is low of nutritional value and not the wholesome food that doesn't contain pesticides and synthetic chemicals.

Over processed foods are the biggest culprit; almost everything that's in a bottle or package is excessive high of fructose, corn syrup, sugars. Every jelly, every juice is like poison in some way and most people don't even know. Read the labels on food packaging, they are not telling all. However, it is a starting point of improvement. Doing this and removing certain items from your everyday diet that is unhealthy so diseases such as cancer and other illness won’t be able to even get a foothold. Nutrition always plays a large part in the recovery, no matter what illness or disease.

Fermented food as a good choice!

Change to some fermented foods; these are most important for the good friendly bacteria that help growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract. There are many foods to choose from in your health food store or supermarket such as sauerkraut, yogurt, sourdough bread etc. We all know how good vegetables and fruits are for health. Studies and research of tomatoes has revealed that tomato products can prevent the risk of prostate cancer by almost 70 % because of its lycopene content.

Garlic does not only keep vampires at the distance; it also helps other infections and prevents bacteria forming in the intestines. Garlic has also a big impact on prostate health and lowers the risk of prostate disease.
Also, many cancers and illness could be prevented each year by increasing vitamin D levels. Researchers have confirmed over years that prevention and cures the natural way are successful. The days are gone to sit around, waiting until we get cancer or sickness and have our organs carved out.

This space is too short for all the ongoing information added to the long list of healthy diet requirements. Also, to find out about supplements how to choose the best one to add to your daily diet. Gain knowledge and find ways in preventing illness before it happens.

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