Get your Canadian passport photos and Canadian visa photos taken, processed, and printed at our professional online passport photo studio in London while you wait without an appointment.

At PassportPhotoNow, we can deliver Canadian passport photos london to you, we can send them quickly within 1 business day. Just upload a picture of yourself and let us do the rest!

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Taking and printing a Canadian passport photo (or Canadian visa photo) in London can be a daunting experience. However, if you decide to visit PassportPhotoNow, a professional photo studio in Canada, you can be sure that we are one of the few London passport photo studios that can create embassy-approved passport photos in Canada.

You may already know this, but a Canadian passport photo cannot be printed from a photo kiosk or photo pavilion in London. You need an expert like PassportPhotoNow Passport Photos, or you will be rejected.

The requirements for Canadian passport photos are mentioned in official rules and regulations that govern how many, type, and clarity they must present on the subject. Strict guidelines are also used to playback photos. PassportPhotoNow has received the specifications directly from the Government of Canada, which you can read on their website.

Photos taken on thick paper will not be accepted.
Tape stickers are not allowed, and there must be enough space for the applicant’s name, guarantor’s signature, and statement below the Photographer’s address, so PassportPhotoNow has all the stamps in stock.

The subject of the photo must be clearly presented with a mug or face only on the face in order to make a clear identification. This means that if a person has glasses, they cannot cover the eyes or face of the subject.

In addition, the person must present a neutral look without pointing at the teeth and without shadows coming from the face or background because it does not cause the subject to be clearly in the image.

In addition, the crown of the chin and head of the image should be 31-36 mm.

The head should also not be covered unless there is a religious reason, and even then the face should be clearly displayed.

The item must stand in front of a white or light background in accordance with Canadian passport photo rules.

At PassportPhotoNow, we always make sure your Canadian passport photos are stamped on the back according to the requirements of the Canadian Embassy, ​​and you don’t have to ask us!

PassportPhotoNow understands the unique requirements and sizes required for Canadian passport photos, and we print them customized on a regular basis in the stock. Remember that photo booths cannot print Canadian passport photos; you need an expert and with PassportPhotoNow, our staff is trained to handle the requirements for a single size Canadian passport photo.

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