Healthcare professionals have recently completed a survey revealing lack of asthma control in USA. Our Canada pharmacy admits keeping up with the disease has become increasingly difficult for authorities. The study is important as gathered information establishes links between severity and control of asthma using actual results and medical records.

The study team from the George Washington University School of Medicine and Washington Hospital Center published findings of the survey in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Results showed few people were on controller medication for asthma even though signs of the disease were quite evident. People usually buy Proair for treatment of exercise-induced asthma, but in many cases they were unaware breathing problems and shortness of breath were in fact symptoms of asthma.

Researchers used techniques recommended in the Expert Panel Report III (EPR 3) to analyze available data. They established a link between severity of the disease and time frame before people were introduced to controller medication over the long term. Recognizing signs of asthma was not easy. Surveyors noted many people failed to take in controller medication even though they reported experiencing several symptoms of the disease.

The Current Treatment Gaps and Emerging Device Options (CHOICE) survey showed a high 49% did not adopt medication like generic Proair, easily available at our online Canada pharmacy. Moreover, 79% people found suffering from asthma in the survey suffered from chronic asthmatic attacks and should have been on a structured medical plan to combat the disease over the long term.

Around 86% of the remaining 51% who did opt for controller medication responded very poorly to medication. Results clearly indicated asthma was not being controlled adequately well in the United States. Findings were further verified with the help of a telephone survey conducted on 1,000 asthmatic patients from across the country.

Experts are of the opinion the situation can be effectively brought under control. The document Management and the Allergist: Better Outcomes at Lower Cost outlines the best course of action to control the near epidemic condition. It suggests allergists can play a more dominant role in helping more people manage the disease cheaply and properly without having to seek emergency treatment at regular intervals. Patient education is a must to remove misconceptions held by many people. They believe symptoms of asthma show up suddenly in the form of definite events. Buildup to the disease is therefore ignored either as short-term breathing difficulty or unrelated exacerbations.

Many people hold the belief asthma can be cured and needs one-time medication to bring symptoms under control. In other words, they ignore controller medication until much after symptoms occur. Taking necessary precautions on understanding how abrupt weather changes can trigger asthmatic attacks is one way of preventing an attack without the help of medication. However, controller medication is essential and cannot be substituted.

Our Canada pharmacy stocks several medications effective enough to treat asthma, but the medical fraternity and general public can play more active roles in preventing incidence rate of asthma in the United States by understanding symptoms and taking necessary precautions before it becomes an epidemic.

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