Have you ever thought about what Total Success would feel like? What would it look like? And what would you be like if you had Total Success? Ask ten people what success means and you will likely get ten answers. Some base success on the amount of money they can accumulate while others base success on other, less tangible criteria.

I know my definition for success has changed dramatically in the last three decades. In my mid-fifties I have a more complete approach to success than I did in my twenties.

This realization surfaced quite a bit during the process of writing my recently released book, What Can A Dentist Teach You about Business, Life and Success? Discover Secrets to Achieving Total Success!

The book spans three decades of business principles that have afforded me a very abundant life both personally and professionally.

In one part of my book, I talk about how by the time I was in my late twenties, I really felt as if I had arrived. I was making great money, driving a fancy car and living in a big house. Everything I based success on, I had. The harsh reality was, my life was in turmoil. Although I had a level of success, I didn't have Total Success.

It's the same with many people I know who make millions and millions of dollars annually. They make more than I'll make in a lifetime and yet they don't have what I now understand to be Total Success. They only have professional success.
Their main focus is business. They have difficulty in relationships, failed marriages, problem children, they misuse their authority and power and they eat and drink to excess. Their life is in turmoil and their lifestyle is killing them.

I don't know how to assess another's spiritual well-being, but I think that it's hard to have inner-peace when your life is in turmoil. My experience has shown me a successful life is more than a successful business.

A life of Total Success consists of balance. Unfortunately, in our society we place so much emphasis on the outward measures of success, internally many people are bankrupt. Some feel so trapped they don’t believe there is any way to slow down. That is until the harsh reality of some type of health problem brings their life to a screeching halt.

With so much information available to virtually anyone who wants it, there is no longer any reason not to create a life that is based on balance and one that can be described as a life of Total Success.

Although many people have heard this repeatedly and in countless ways, the missing link is in knowing how to create balance in order to be of clear mind, heart and
spirit to maintain positive thoughts.

There are four primary areas you will benefit from putting attention on; Family
(Relationships), Physical (External), Spiritual, (Internal) Work (Business). To maintain balance one is always adjusting, never stationary and never in the perfect place at the perfect time. The secret is to make sure there is not so much attention on one area the others are lacking.

You will find that when you are in balance in these four areas you are able to more fully enjoy life.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Joe Capista is the owner of Williamsburg Dental, a multi-million dollar dental practice in Pennsylvania. Dr. Capista is a sought after keynote speaker who shares insights into what it takes to achieve Total Success. To learn more about how to build a successful business, access his free eBook, Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business by visiting www.joecapista.com