What do I mean by getting Honestly Naked? I am referring to you becoming conscious and aware of yourself, your challenges and your life… HONESTLY! THEN, dealing with these in an open, authentic fashion….not hiding, or avoiding (being in denial), but instead exploring, sharing and speaking in a way you help yourself and you can help others as well.

When you become intimately aware of your inner self, you discover why you are having the life you are experiencing right now. AND once you become conscious and aware you have the opportunity to change your patterns of behavior to cause different results to occur in your life.

As human beings you have learned to hide, avoid, move on and get busy in order to deal with your life and yourself personally. We condemn and disapprove of ourselves with our own Egoic thoughts and feelings of judgment, shame and guilt and then our own self-talk finishes up on us. We see society judging us and then we do the same to ourselves. No wonder we can’t be honest with others and ourselves! No wonder we continue to do the same things and get the same results. Didn’t someone tell us that this is INSANITY!

RIGHT NOW I am giving you the opportunity, NO I am challenging you to start becoming HONESTLY NAKED right NOW with me!

People that know me really well know that I speak my truth directly and I don't "tip-toe" around very much. I have been known to bring up often taboo subjects at parties in order to share my wisdom/experience and help others gain some relief with what they tell me they are challenged with. For example, a few months ago I was at a party and somehow I was talking to a woman about relationships and we got on the subject of sex. Before I knew it I had a huge group gathered around me intensely listening to what I had to say and asking me lots of questions about Sex and intimacy.

By me speaking my truth and experience I helped this women understand men better AND what they need to do in order to get their needs met AND I helped the men begin to understand what they need to do in order to get their needs met in a more productive manner.

Here are a few suggestions to start this process of getting HONESTLY NAKED:

STOP ALWAYS DOING (the doing distracts us and allows us to be unconscious) Instead:

-Listen, turn inside to your inner energy (your essence and vital energy), tune in to your inner voice. If you don’t stop for a minute the doing of your life, the tasks & responsibility, stop thinking, you can’t know or hear what is happening on the inside, where I believe spirit or God is revealed to us through us.

-Become conscious and aware, stop thinking and tune in to the energy around you, in your environment, in plants, nature, in the sounds, in the smells and the sights around you. When you are moving at 100 miles an hour and so are your thoughts, your labeling and judgments are taking up all the space, there is no space for consciousness. Create space by tuning in to your breath.

-Look around your life, environment, results of your life and look at your being-ness. Do you like what you see and experience?

-Ask yourself some direct and honest questions about what you want vs. what you have now. What do you need now to have that? If you need guidance with this and any of these steps contact me for a Life Coaching session at 310-202-1610.

-Create a plan of action from this place of Consciousness, awareness, clarity and honesty. Take action on that plan consistently every day.

Getting HONESTLY NAKED with yourself is your first step to having the life and relationships of your dreams. When you are truly willing and courageous enough to uncover, discover and become a conscious and aware student in and of your life, your life opens up to you.

My clients, students and Cinderella System Event Attendees know firsthand how this has worked so powerfully for them this year. As they have become more willing to look at their selves, their lives and their results more deeply and honestly and be courageous enough to keep moving forward despite their fears, judgments and uncomfortably at times, they only keep getting better and better!

Thanks for being willing to get NAKED with me right here! Stay tuned for information about The Cinderella System Experience “LIVE” DVDs and study Guide coming out in a few weeks, so you can get even more honest with yourself and your relationships than ever before.

Remember: In order to be the person you have never been, In order to have the life and relationships you have never had, You must do what you have never done before.

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Dr. Cindy Brown, author of The Cinderella System, helps women to love their bodies, enjoy pleasure, learn how to fulfill their needs and live the amazing, happy life they deserve and desire! If you want to attract, have and keep the relationship you really, really want, subscribe now to my award winning weekly online newsletter Relationship Intelligence and get my FR*E Special Report and Audio Class at www.SuccessfulrelationshipsNow,com