The Chow Chow is an extremely cute dog, which is often perceived by many to be a teddy bear or lion. This breed has been around for thousands of years originating from Mongolia, where they were kept as watch dogs. What makes it so special and different from other pets is its fierce loyalty. On the outside side it may look adorable and cuddly, but don't let its innocent appearance fool you – they are very capable of attacking and will do so if provoked. Strangers aren't to be taken kindly with this pooch; it grows suspicious of everybody it doesn't know.

Another attribute that makes it stand out is its “coolness”. Some belonging to this breed would rather keep to themselves and only sometimes do they seek the attention of its human companions. Even in scenarios where other breeds would be jumping up and down with eager anticipation wouldn't excite it much. This is one cool pet we're talking about here, staying calm and passive when it doesn't have much to do. The Chow Chow, when kept as a family pet, will choose one member of the family to be its “buddy”. From that point on, it'll be spending more time with the family member it has chosen and be that lucky winner's body guard.

This pooch will become even more protective over the individual and more obedient to the commands given. This doesn't mean that it'll have total disregard for the others; it'll still obey (depending how well the others of trained it) the commands of others, but it'll be giving more favor to the member that it has bonded with. An extremely independent spirit manifested in a 59 pound and 22 inch tall body (average weight and height) shines through clearly. The Chow Chow needs a strong owner, one that will be able to have control over it and quickly establish its authority over the pooch.

You have to gain its respect for it to do the same in turn. This pooch is certainly not for some spineless weakling or somebody that cuts it way too much slack. There must be a balance between firmness and gentleness when dealing with it – being to harsh can trigger aggressiveness while being to soft will trigger bossiness. Because of its hair type, dog grooming will of course be needed – like daily brushing of fur, toothbrushing, bathing when needed, etc. If you feel that you got the balls to take on the Chow Chow breed, then I suggest you do additional research on the needs of it first.

To successfully win a battle, you've got to gather all the info you can get and analyze every detail of importance. I'm not saying you're going to war, but rather you should be thoroughly prepared, so you won't get surprised when you actually do get one. Don't expect things to go you're way instantly; teaching it won't be an easy task (another thing that could help make things easier for you are bribes coming in the form of doggy treats). I hope all of the information stated above helps you make up your mind and wish you the best of luck.

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