An important side effect of yoga training is the development of psychic abilities. The term development is appropriate, as everyone has these abilities.
Every culture has had healers, shamans and mystics. Some people seem to be born with this ability but most honed the skill through training with an elder. The cultures vary but the results of that training do not. Psychic powers are available to everyone.

Just like playing the piano, some people tend to have a gift for it, show amazing abilities at an early age and are savants in music. Others follow the natural course of piano lessons. With practice and dedication, the second group of people opens up their innate abilities for music. While not all play professionally, the second group, find that they too create beautiful music. It is simply a matter of how long it takes to stimulate the area in the brain.
Psychic abilities are within everyone's reach. People use it every day and don't realize it. Faith, belief in the unknown and focus encourage their thoughts to become realities. Have you ever suddenly thought of a friend only to have them call within minutes? That's telecommunication. It happens occasionally to everyone. People that have training learn to recognize the signs and understand the messages they receive.
Training also helps the student focus on the positive spiritual side of life. Everyone has met negative people that believe only bad things happen in life. These people are normally right but it is no coincidence or bad luck, they lay the psychic groundwork that brings the negative.
Yoga training that focuses on awakening of the kundalini opens the higher chakra centers and taps into the spiritual potential. As each higher chakra opens, the student finds they have more abilities that are mystical. One important aspect of the training is helping the student to follow a guided path so that these experiences are positive and directed. Psychic abilities brought on through accidents, drug use and undirected focus can lead to a very negative experience. The intensity of the experience may be too much for body, mind or emotions to handle without preparation and guidance.
New studies, theories and beliefs appear every day about the power of belief. It takes focus and elimination of doubt to create the amazing results. Some stumble upon this ability but most people have to learn to be as children and wipe their minds of negative thought. Yoga training helps the student to focus and bypass the thinking mind to reach the spiritual mind that performs these feats that some call magic. To reach psychic powers, called siddhis, the yoga doesn't train his mind to think about the desired outcome, but rather shut off the thinking process and allow the powers to surface.
For centuries, the Western world decried "witchcraft" if someone showed psychic abilities. The ruling class discouraged psychic training passed from generation to generation in peasant communities, yet they paid for the services of soothsayers and mystics. The power that came with the abilities created fear no matter how pure the intention. The church, a ruling power in medieval times, sited those with psychic abilities as heretics and witches. It is no wonder that after many generations, psychic training and belief ceased.
Scientists are just now learning there is an important ability in every being that is a separate entity from the thinking mind. It is the same psychic ability that forewarns animals of natural disasters and allows them to run to safety before it occurs. This second mind, spiritual side or psychic ability remains in man, but years of academia and logic buried it deeply inside their being. You can tap into it, but you need a guide to avoid the pitfalls and give you the most direct route. Yoga is one method to achieving psychic ability and with the proper instruction; the journey is much shorter and safer than traveling to that destination unassisted.

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