There aren’t actually many people who are really living their dream, right? I mean truly living your dream is just for the lucky few who know what their dreams are, right? And besides, what are dreams anyway, they don’t come true, right?


Living the Dream is available to every single one of you, you just have to start believing in the ‘I can have it all’ rule and hey presto, the world is your oyster.

Living the Dream starts with mindset. Just like Henry Ford famously said ‘If you think you can do a thing or you think you can’t do a thing, you’re right’. If your mindset doesn’t believe you can have it all, guess what, living the dream won’t be on the top of your list of can do’s!

The great news is, you can change your mindset to one which allows you to experience life beyond what you believe possible, you just have to learn and implement the how’s.

Here are top 10 pointers to help you get on your way to living your dream!

1. Dream Big and Often. Imagine you are at the airport 5 years from now and you bump into an old best friend. You have 2 minutes before your flight takes off and you brief them on your life as it is today. In an ideal world what would your life look like, what would you be doing, who or what would be in your life.

2. Go back to childhood memories, what did you love to do, what made you happy? It’s very likely that you still enjoy these kinds of things but haven’t made them a priority. Bring these back into your life and start having fun again. The more you do this, the easier it will be for you to imagine a life filled with dreams

3. Take your Big Dream set goals to help you get there. A dream life doesn’t come over night and it certainly doesn’t happen without setting some goals. Break the 5 year dream into bite size goals, for example 3years, 1 year and 90 days.

4. Do something every day towards your goal, it doesn’t matter how small or big. Every little thing will contribute to the end result even if it doesn’t seem like it

5. Believe it is possible to live by the ‘you can have it all’ rule, even though you have no idea how to get there right now. Just believing opens your mind to possibilities

6. Find proof that it’s possible, notice all the people who are living their dream and remind yourself often ‘If they can do it, so can I’

7. Take off your blinkers and open yourself up to the opportunities that completely surround you. Often your dreams are right in front of you, the only person stopping you from having them is you

8. Hire help to bring out the best in you. Often we need some education to help us align with the life we dream of, so find an Expert, Mentor, Coach to guide you through the process

9. Clear away the clutter; what beliefs do you have that would prevent your dream life from materialising. Question the belief, challenge it then change it

10. Make a commitment to live a brilliant life, doing what you love and always find ways of making it happen!

Everyone can live by the 'I can have it all rule', you just have to switch from impossible to opening a window of possibility, it's amazing what starts to filter in when you allow it!

Author's Bio: 

Natasha Abudarham is a healer, speaker, workshop leader, entrepreneur and ‘Go Get It’ Life Change Specialist. After moving house 15 times, changing job 8 times and living in 5 countries, she finally found what she didn’t realise she was searching for; a Zest for life that left her feeling complete. Through her eternal quest searching for something more, Natasha discovered that living with Passion, Purpose and Prosperity is available to everyone, you just have to learn how to get the best out of yourself and make the impossible possible. She now shares her knowledge, wisdom and experience with people all over the world to help others ‘Go Get’ their brilliant lives