We've all seen the figures. Right now in our country we're facing a 10.2% unemployment rate.

That number speaks volumes. What happens when income that you had coming in every week suddenly stops? Sure, we all know we should have saved for such an event, but many Americans are barely getting by. And experts say that the 10.2% is really just the icing on the cake. Many more have faced having their hours cut, having to take more days off, etc. So, what are your options? Can working from home somehow help?

First, consider if this is the time to start a home-based business. Perhaps you have been thinking about this for a while and just never had the opportunity. God might just be opening the door for you and telling you the time is right. Explore the options available to you. Remember the key to success: Match your skills, experience and passion with a business that allows you to use these. Do something that you enjoy doing and feel that you can be good at.

Second, think through what can you do to earn a second income. Take into consideration the things that you already have work experience or skills in. What hobbies do you enjoy? Can one of them be turned into a business? For example, look into virtual assisting. If you excel at administrative tasks, web design, bookkeeping, publicity, social networking, etc., this could be a fabulous business for you or a great second income.

Third, honestly evaluate your situation. Make a plan that allows you to work during the time you have available. If you still need to be searching for full-time employment, build that into your schedule. Think through the hours that you will have available each day. If you have small children at home you will need to decide if you will work around their schedule or try to find someone to help care for them. If your children are school-age try to make the most of the hours they are away from home.

Fourth, make task lists for each day or week and work through them to help keep you on track. Distractions abound when you work from home. You will need to be self-motivated and a self-starter. With no boss to keep you accountable and no one to assign tasks, it will all be up to you. For many this spells freedom, but for others it's a struggle. It may help to find some way to reward yourself at the end of the day for a job well done.

All of these options can be useful when trying to build an income from home or begin a home-based businesses. Consider ideas that you have quickly discounted in the past. How about direct sales? Especially with the holidays approaching consider contacting some companies and seeing what they offer. How about an online shop? Remember, this can just be a temporary thing. Yes, you might have to work harder now, but the peace of mind of paying the bills will far outweigh having to put in those extra hours.

Take heart. The unemployment rate will get better and soon be a distant memory. But in the meantime, hopefully these tips will help you make extra money for you and your family.

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