Goals, Strategies, and Systems vs. Magnetic Visions. What thoughts are triggered when you consider this? Which one feels like a better “ride” for you?

Wallace Wattles wrote in his book, The Science of Getting Rich —

“Man is a thinking center, and can originate thought. All the forms that man fashions with his hands must first exist in his thought; he cannot shape a thing until he has thought that thing . . . . Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.”

Wattles also wrote about Increase. Nature’s prime directive is to increase. As part of nature, you feel this prime directive. It’s why you strive to build and build-up and are frustrated when you’re not sure how to do this effectively.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with goals; but every success begins as an idea that gets energized by enthusiasm and inspiration—and this starts inside of you. A goal fed by passionate commitment (or even just a “this would be fun” approach) always follows an idea, it never precedes it. My point is you automatically engage a magnetic vision process (positively or negatively), in part, before you ever name a goal or take one or more actions. Why not do this consciously, deliberately, with more clarity and energy, and in your favor.

Goals make you think of strategies and systems, which have a rigid feel to them. Have you ever felt frustrated when you used someone else’s strategy or system—and didn’t get the same results? What happened? Could it be that what they did was a fit for them and not for you?

You can use up a lot of time and energy trying strategies and systems not tailored to your desired experience or nature . . . sort of like having a goal to get a new garment, yet choosing to try on the wrong sizes and clothing styles rather than take the more direct route of going to a tailor or seamstress. In the case of magnetic visions, you are the designer and the one who “reaps what you sew,” based on what’s appropriate for you—because only you know what that is.

How much time and energy have you put into testing what works for others—that didn’t work for you as fully as you wanted, or at all?

You’re not fashioned from the same mold as anyone else, you’re unique. How empowered would you feel if you knew how to more effortlessly design what’s right for you—the right fit—when you desire to achieve an outcome—and even enjoy the process? This is what a magnetic vision is about. And a magnetic vision gives birth to right next actions.

You want to create a magnetic vision and hold the intention of it, but you don’t want to create stress in your energy by gripping it in your fist, so-to-speak. You do want a clear vision, but you also want to allow for something even better to come to you. This happens . . . often.

Wattles mentioned a man who’d planned and taken action only to have his goal fall through. The man trusted that something even better was on its way to him and expressed gratitude to Spirit for the results. Within a few weeks, something far better came to him. Had his original plan taken form, it would not have been to his benefit. In fact, Wattles explained, it would have been a disaster.

It can be difficult to let go of how situations or circumstances appear when you want something, especially if you have any fear attached to needing or wanting it.

A goal leads you to think, “I’ll feel good when I have . . .” –and you can feel pressured about the outcome and what it takes to achieve it. Maybe that’s fun for you, maybe it isn’t.

A magnetic vision lets you hold your vision in such a way that inspired ideas flow to you, people and resources are drawn to you—in order to maintain the feeling you choose and energize. If you’re focused on a set goal rather than a magnetic vision, you may be like the horse wearing blinders, and ignore opportunities and doors opening all around you.

When you’re guided by how you want to feel rather than what you “think” you have to do (like worry and take lots and lots of fear-based actions), you expand your experiences. You want to stay open rather than closed, to inspired ideas and actions.

What you can build up to with the Implements in the Reinvent Yourself eCourse—which are self-guided self-empowering processes, not strategies—is awareness of what your ideal life or business looks and feels like to you; who your ideal person or people are you choose to attract into your life; and what you choose to offer that is unique—and this bigger picture will help you move forward in life or business in ways that are comfortable and authentic for you.

Can you feel how freeing this is?

Partial excerpts from Reinvent Yourself: Refuse to Settle for Less in Life and Business by Joyce Shafer


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