Have you ever seen a president or prime minister of a state names Royal Royce, Bentley, or Adidas? No, none of us has ever heard of something this peculiar. All of the names of popular people are either religious, cultural, or traditional. You might be thinking does it affect the personality or life of your child? Or can a mere name judge the life of my child? Well Yes, it happens quite a lot unique names might fascinate you, but they can lower the chances of your child in many aspects.

All of the popular actors, actresses, singers, bureaucrats, etc. have beautiful names with beautiful meanings. Some singers, modes and actresses might have hip hop pseudonyms or stage names, but that does not change the identity that their real name holds.

Do you know Melissa Womer, Melissa Jaine Womer? Well, she is a popular American actress as well as a producer. ‘Man, on the Moon’ is her one of the best movies. Not all people are famous for what they choose in life, unlike Melissa Womer, whose fame mounted when she married a very popular comedian, Jim Carrey.

Melissa was born in New York City, and there is no information on her parents and siblings because she never provided one. It is believed that she had a terrible childhood because of her deteriorated family, and that affected her a lot as well as is the reason for her not disclosing her family.

How a child’s name affects his life?

It is not just a common observation but a proven fact that a child’s name out of the traditional and cultural circles can make your child lose social and career opportunities.

We live in an advanced era, where we have modernized so much, that we want to make a difference in every prospect, leaving behind the old things. Same goes with the fact that parents today, want to name their children with a unique and modern name even if they are out of their religious and traditional circle.

Parents want to make the names as unique as the hot and funky gaming, or Twitter handles are. Such names have no origin and no meaning, they are just unique, nothing more and nothing less. Whereas studies have shown a prominent link between the un-traditional names and unemployment.

Setting Lower Expectations:

If your child’s name signifies things like lower class, a certain race that is considered low class, or the name itself means something of less economic value, then what do you think people will be imagining after hearing the name of your child? Will more people want to be friends with him? Well, I think No.

Yes, we live in a modern world where we don’t want to judge people on their color, race, or something as unimportant as a name, but we do it. Consciously or unconsciously, we are always judging people and we want to be friends with some from a good family. And that is what our parents are always telling us to do, ‘make friends with good backgrounds!’.

When children get prone to such low expectations and rude behaviour from the class fellows and people around, they start getting into bad things and bad mental health. A study showed that such children can get into crimes and have more criminal record than any other child.

A lifetime of Clarification:

What most parents are doing these days is changing the spellings of religion or culture-based name. they think that doing so can make the name loo cool, or unique. Like we are always looking up for a username that is not already taken up, and to do so, sometimes we have to change the spelling of our name two to three times to write something that is not in the use of someone else.

Some people are even reversing the names in order to get a new and so-called unique name. this can look cool, but your child has to spell the name for everyone forever. He/she is going to tell the pronunciations and spellings to every new teacher and every new person who they will encounter in their life.

Making it all about you:

Half of your child’s name is either the family name or your name. So, it talks about the parents as much as it talks about the child. So, try to give your child a beautiful name with a great meaning so that he is honored in society.

Keep it Simple:

Common names might be old and found in abundance, but they are the most liked ones in the community. You should never ignore a beautiful name because every third person has the same name. choose wisely so that you and your infant do not have to suffer in future.

As a parent, you need to think about the future of your child more than the uniqueness of the things you are going to provide him. Having a unique name won’t put extra bucks in his pocket!

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Arslan Haider is the author of the above blog. He is a Professional Guest Blogger at MediaHicon and loves to write blogs on valuable topics.