Warmup: 12 minutes of running on the treadmill

Main program (all exercises are done for 3 sets and 10 reps)

Superset: Barbell bench press + wide grip lat pulldown

Superset: Bicep curls + dips

Superset: Machine shoulder press + Face pulls

Superset: Machine hamstring curls + leg extensions

Superset: Single leg press + Single leg calf press


That’s part of the program Aris (one of my clients) was following before we started working together.

He asked me to be gentle when critiquing it.

And the truth is that there are some nice things going on in his program.

For example, in each session he’s working the whole body. He’s trying to progressively overload the exercises by lifting more weight. And I like that he’s grouping the exercises together since this can save a lot of time.

Of course…

There are a lot of mistakes as well.

Have you spotted any of them?

I won't touch all of them, but I can share a few.

Here they are:

* he shouldn't use the same rep scheme for all the exercises. Some exercises respond better to higher reps, others respond better to moderate reps and others respond better to lower reps

* even though grouping exercises is smart, you should be careful what exercises you’re grouping and how you sequence them. For example, combining bicep curls with dips can lead to shoulder pain, for reasons I won't go into this email. However, just know this: simply grouping exercises based on the muscles used is not enough. You should also group and sequence them based on how hard they are on the joints

* that warmup won't prepare you for the workout. You also need dynamic exercises that will strengthen and lubricate your joints. In Aris's case, he should include knee mobilization exercises since he suffered some injuries a while ago.

Of course there are more mistakes.

Some are not that bad.

Others are a big "no no" that I avoid when creating clients’ programs.

What about you?

Is your current program making any of those mistakes?

If yes, fix them immediately.

As usual, the problem isn't just the lack of results.

The problem is your increased chances of injury.

When you're 20, all you care about is having a nice body.

When you're over 30 (Aris is 39 btw) you also care about staying injury and pain free.

If you are a man over 30 who wants daily tips on building muscle while minimizing (or even eliminating) joint pain, grab my free report here:


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