“Can you “Scientifically” Attract Money & Wealth or Is It Bull?
My friend’s daughter was 21, and always complaining about the absence of money in her bank account. “Paycheck to paycheck, behind in the rent, & worse, always thinking of the “Lack” of funds. I hate my life, and I see “debt” 24/7.”
• 1. Is it “science”, superstition, or “willpower” to believe there is a “strategy” (algorithm: step-by-step) to Attract money into your life? You decide.

• 2. Money is “energy”, and flows in-and-out. Money “vibrates and has a frequency”. Can you say this, with a straight-face? “I deserve & expect to have money flowing in my life constantly-and-consistently”.

• If you can say it aloud or hear it mentally, how does it make you “feel”? If your answer is “nothing” (neutral), you have just cancelled a trip to the bank. Money is always an “Emotional-Pathway.”

• 3. You are either in Alignment (in-synch) with your “thoughts-and-emotions” about money or you inhibit (block) its flow to you. The “rich” are excited by the thought of money, and will stop to pick up a dirty one-cent (penny).

• 4. Will YOU bend-over for a lousy “penny”? Please remember, and make this your Mantra (silent repeated belief) “a penny-is-the-root of one-million-dollars”.

• 5. Ridiculous? Your money-mantra is a Mindset, Attitude, Belief, & Mood. Millionaires give themselves Permission to become & remain rich.¬¬ Low-income folks self-sabotage, and BLOCK the flow of money to them.

• 6. How? Money (Big-Bucks, not minimum wage) is attracted to people “in-the-flow”, and “in-their-zone” mentally & physically. You already forgot how the rich Feel about a one-cent penny.

• 7. Chant it aloud with me NOW. “A Penny is the ROOT of One-Million-Dollars.” Doesn’t a ‘million-bucks’ begin with a ‘penny? Now who’s missing-the-point? It’s a Belief system.

• Wanna know how to get there? Sure, you’ll read it and smile, but will you Implement & Expedite attracting money into your life? It’s an Emotional decision.

• 8. “How to attract money,” starts with you taking control of your nervous system that REWARDS you with Serotonin (improved Mood), Endorphins (positive Attitude) & Dopamine (for Pleasure). Wait, it’s easy.

• 9. It is your ParaSympathetic Nervous System. It inhibits (blocks) & Filters-Out the dominance of your Sympathetic Nervous System with its Adrenaline and Cortisol, the Stress Hormone. Forget the science, concentrate on “HOW?”

• 10. Step 1: Close your eyes & take four (4) deep Diaphragmatic Breaths, and on exhaling on each, CHANT aloud, the sound, “Hum-m, Hum-m, Hum-m, & Hum-m. Total of Hum-ms is 16x, four for each of the four breaths, right?

• 11. Now keep your eyes closed and feel relaxed. You are in ALPHA Hz (cycles-per-second). You can easily communicate with your Mind-Body-Connection, and Program your right-hemisphere (right-brain).

• 12. Do this standing up, or sitting down, with your eyes opened or closed. It doesn’t matter because you will remain in a receptive ALPHA state to condition & program both halves of your brain.

• 23. Step 2: Raise your vibration (energy-level) by tapping
on both knee-tops. Left-hand strikes left-knee-top, eight-(8) times. Right-hand (simultaneously) strikes your right-
knee-top, eight (8) times.

• 24. Wait. Not done. When slapping down vigorously on both knees, Chant aloud or mentally, “I am worth it!” eight-times. Repeat 8-times, “I am valuable-useful-and beneficial!” Get and maintain a kind-of-RHYTHM.

• 25. Step 3: You got the tapping on your knee-tops, right?
Now REVERSE the tapping. You Right-hand is striking your left knee, and your Left-hand is tapping vigorously,
your right knee. It’s called “Switcheroo!” Why?

• 26. Remember this please, your right-brain controls the LEFT-side of your body, & your left-brain has operational control of the right-side of your body. In Vision, it is
called Optic-Chiasma, a crossing-over in the brain.

• 27. Step 4: Simultaneously with the “switched-tapping”, CHANT or say “mentally”, “I deserve & expect to have * money flowing to me, constantly & consistently”. Repeat this affirmation – four-times for each leg, a total of 8 times.
28. Step:5: Now go back to right-hand-tapping right knee,and left-hand striking your left-knee. Simultaneously Chant or say mentally, “A penny is the ROOT of a million-dollars”, four-times for each knee tapped.
29. Not done. You must mentally visualize a “mental-movie” of success, prosperity, & abundance,with strong EMOTION. Ex. See-and-feel yourself shaking-hand with the CEO, because you got a Promotion or a $10,000 bonus.
30.Get excited, Act-As-If, Feel-As-If, Think-As-If, this is your reality. When you emotionalize the mental-visualization, & tap, you Raise-Your Vibration (add energy) to your GOALS & desires.
That’s it. This strategy should be done twice-daily, it only requires a couple of minutes each. You be the judge, ten-thousand students & executives have tried it. “If it works, USE IT!”
See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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