Wooden furniture items look pleasing to the eyes. It brings charm to any place whether you consider their use for commercial or residential purposes. However, there is a need for good handling and maintenance of this product to ensure its longevity. One such product is bentwood cafe chairs that are ideal for both modern and traditional commercial areas.

Due to the regular use, you may observe broken legs or distorted seats. You may even find discolouration of this product. Rather than leaving them, it is good to repair and reuse them for a few more years. Before you prefer doing this, you need to identify the damages associated with them to finalise whether it is possible to repair or replacement is the only option.

A recent survey shows that most restaurateurs consider the use of broken furniture items even without repairing them. On average, 80% – 85% of restaurants don’t go for replacement to save on total investment. The continual use of such chairs and tables may hamper your image in front of your guests. There is also a possibility of creating an embarrassing scene for them.

Tips to Proper Take Care and Maintenance of Bentwood Cafe Chairs

  • Regular dusting is crucial to remove loose particles of dust and debris. It is helpful in avoiding the formation of a layer on them. It could lead to scratches on the surface if you ignore regular dusting.
  • Humidity can be an enemy of furniture items made up of wood. It can cause damage to its surface and may extend to the entire chair. You may observe swelling and shrinking of the same. By maintaining the moisture content of that area, it can be prevented.
  • Don’t let them come in direct exposure to sunlight. The polish on the tables and chairs may fade away due to harmful rays. It is advised to either use them in indoor set-up or ensure proper shade outdoors.

Even after regular care and maintenance, there is a possibility of damage to these items. Rather than going on replacing them, it is good to work on repairing them.

Ways to Repair Bentwood Cafe Chairs

Based on the severity of damage, the right method can be picked. It can be done in the following ways-

  1. Repair Broken Chair Legs

You can consider repairing broken chair legs and other parts. This is going to save you money because you could reuse the same for future commercial needs.

  1. Polish the Entire Furniture

Upon repairing the broken parts, you need to polish them with the same colour as the chairs. You must order it in ideal quantity to ensure the completion of your project without delay.

  1. Recolour them with a New Colour

Do you aim to provide a new look to your furniture items? You can go for using a new colour; however, it must be similar to the previous one to ensure no issues in their overall look.

  1. Take Professional Help

For an inspection of your entire restaurant space, it is good to ask a professional. As experts can analyse things, they guide you to separate the chairs that need repair and replacement.

Did you know? Allowing experts to work on the repair work can save you a lot of time and effort. It also makes sure that you can keep your focus on running the commercial space. Just share your requirements completely before you leave your project to anyone.

Final Thoughts

Making sure of the condition of furniture items for your commercial use lets you focus on your other commitments. So, it is always good to do an inspection every week or twice a week. It helps you find any missing pieces or water damage or anything else. Based on your findings, you can work on repairing bentwood cafe chairs and tables. Thereby, you let your guests enjoy their time as they are planning for.

Suppose the furniture can’t be repaired due to the severity of damage, the only solution is to order new ones. Be careful to pick the right store for your new order!

Author's Bio: 

The author works for a local manufacturer to craft bentwood cafe chairs, bar stools, sofa sets, etc. He sometimes writes about his experiences and shares posts on quality furniture items.