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If someone tells you that you can really heal yourself from all your problems and diseases, would you believe them? The answer would probably be no. After all, no one has really declared himself or herself totally cancer free. Not all types of diseases have found their cures, and many are still sick despite trying all methods of treatments.

But the truth is, you can definitely achieve healing. You just need to know what type of healing you’re definitely looking for.

A lot of people think that when they are sick, they are only ill physically. There’s nothing wrong with the mind or the spirit. Not really.

Laila suddenly contracted HIV, a type of illness that doesn’t really have any solution as of the moment except for medications that stop the symptoms from occurring. Physically, she could not be healed. But physical healing wasn’t really what she’s looking for. She wanted to be healed emotionally. She felt a lot of guilt, remorse, and shame over what happened to her. She believed that if she had just been careful, it wouldn’t have happened. She found herself engaged in a blame game, with fingers all pointing to herself. The self-accusations caused her to suffer from intense depression, preventing her from pursuing a higher quality of life.

Then there’s Paul. He was the smartest man in the company. He was the go-to person, until panic attacks took over his life. He could no longer function well unless he had taken his medications. For others, Paul was suffering from a mental disorder, caused by the improper communication among neurotransmitters or brain chemistry. But there’s a much deeper reason than that. A very high level of stress and traumatic experience when he was a child caused him to go into downward spiral.

How to Achieve Overall Healing

If you want to be truly healed, you just don’t heal your physical self. You also need to include your mental and spiritual self. Thus, even if you don’t achieve complete physical healing, you can still say that you live your life to the fullest, free from emotional and mental pain, which is far more bothersome than physical pain.

There are different ways on how to heal yourself. One of these is through the use of affirmations and subliminal messages. These positive statements can be used along with visualization, hypnosis, and meditation.

Take these, for example:

I am open to healing of the mind, body, and spirit.
I acknowledge that I need more than physical healing.
To heal myself completely, I forgive the past.
I welcome forgiveness, peace, and love into my life.

You can experience a healing process no matter where you are. Subliminal messages can already be downloaded online and saved into your mp3 players or iPods. You can also download their video versions and watch them in your mobile phone or television.

There’s such a thing as mind-body-spirit connection. This means that if one is not healed, then you cannot claim complete healing. Focus your efforts in all three of them.

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