All businesses need to generate qualified business sales leads and that is the foremost purposes of a lead generation campaign. But the problem here is that this is a pretty daunting task. Generating qualified B2B leads can be a challenge, especially for those who are not familiar with it. That is why it is best to leave the job to professionals who know how to do the work. It also pays to invest in a communication medium that can maximize the impact of your sales and marketing campaign. Among the tools that you can use is telemarketing. And yes, this is one medium that has never failed to elicit some polemical debate. While the negatives about this medium are real, there are ways to make telemarketers more effective in the campaign. All you need to prepare your team for is to:

1.Be confident on the phone –
sounding nervous or unsure of yourself can be felt by the people at the other end of the line. This will make them less confident of your expertise, making your appointment setting campaign all the more difficult to perform. You need to have a firm voice and a sure demeanor if you want to get anything done.

2.Be natural when talking –
if there is anything that prospects hate when talking to telemarketers, it is hearing a canned or a ‘salesy’ talk. They do not want to hear what products they should buy, or be persuaded to purchase something they do not need. Rather, they want to know just how exactly your offer is going to make their business easier.

3.Be an attentive listener –
most likely the culprit in why you are not able to connect with your prospects is because you are not listening to what is giving them a problem. If you want to come up with an effective business solution, you should learn to lend an open ear. Do not concentrate on what you have to say, since you can only figure out what to talk about once you know what the problem is.

4.Be certain on something –
assumptions have never been good for business. If you want to be sure to really get to the heart of the matter, you must learn to take in all the details being given you. Do not fill in the missing pieces on your own. Ask for it from the prospects. The success of your lead generation campaign will depend on how you gain the information you need.

5.Be more interesting –
who wants to hear a boring monologue from a marketer? Practically no one. If you want to get your prospect’s attention, you must have some creative idea to capture get them to listen. Once you get their ears, your next job (which is fairly easier) is to keep their attention.

Fairly easy, right? As long as you follow these tips, you will realize that telemarketing is not so bad at all. Come to think of it, this may be the best marketing tool for your company to use.

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