A recent conversation with the team at PredictableRevenue.com centered
on two topics:

#1. Barriers to inequality.

How leadership can begin eliminating barriers, and help employees to achieve their career goals

#2. The fundamentals of selling and how we can apply them to the hiring process. The topic will include:
• Boost your business or professional life
• Increase employee loyalty

My style is to share the more meaningful lessons learned, including the good and the bad. The purpose is for younger generations to create new statistics by improving their performance.

Upon reading articles that I dislike, I question whether I’m ready to create new statistics. One organization that dedicates itself to researching equality made an alarming statement. The company predicts it will take 275 years for women to achieve equal status.

The statement is both believable and unbelievable from my perspective. It is credible in that not much has changed since I was in the corporate environment. At the same time, it is incredible that more action is not underway to create new statistics.

Both men and women share responsibility in the matter.

As a woman, we can never give up our desire to move forward and fight for equality. Second, I believe that today’s records are temporary. We are ready to create new statistics.

Can You Improve Current Statistics?

If you feel stuck where you are, or are considering a new direction, listen to the webinar hosted by PredictableRevenue.com. https://predictablerevenue.com/register-elinor-stutz-webinar-partnerpromo Should you learn only one new idea, the time will be well-spent. And as you listen, compare your experience to those of the moderator and guest.

Answer these questions:
1 Are you happy with your progress
2 Do you feel short-changed in the ability to utilize your talent
3 Is it time to make a switch or consider entrepreneurship?

Another piece to the soul searching aspect is to consider how you may help communities at large as you make advancements. Sometimes leading is unexpectedly thrust upon us.

• How can you share your experiences with groups to help them expand their thinking?
• Are you ready to take on advocacy for equality?
• Are you willing to present reason to executives at your corporation to work toward more inclusiveness?

As you listen to the webinar, give thought to the improvement you believe will benefit many. And then begin working out a plan to have your voice advocate for what’s right and best.

Keeping your eye on the bigger goal, you will carve out the next steps for your advancement. Together we all win.

Sales Tips: Are You Ready To Create New Statistics?
1 Give thought to your most memorable work experiences.
2 Develop a story from the event to provide a glimpse of hope and good
3 Craft your story to develop intrigue and a desire to learn more
4 Consider steps for your next advancement
5 Question what you do not understand
6 Make consistency in a top priority
7 Practice telling your story and the benefits of what you learned at community meetings
8 Make your voice heard, but include diplomacy
9 Take the high road and bring others along for the journey
10 Celebrate Success!

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Breaking Barriers
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