Napoleon Hill set the pace for the largest movement in personal development and wealth creation with the landmark classic- Think and Grow Rich. The book answers the question asked by so many - Can You Help Me Become a Millionaire?

The author's purpose is to teach others the formula that masters of business have applied and succeeded within the past. In fact, the central figure in the book is Andrew Carnegie, who could aptly be the richest man in the world if his income was applied to today's standards. Mr. Carnegie is none other than the founder of Carnegie Steel Company, later known as US Steel and one of the wealthiest US citizen at the turn of the 20th Century.

Mr. Carnegie had a secret, the same known to other wealthy contemporaries of his time, like John D. Rockefeller. Carnegie was fascinated with the ability of himself and others to be able to apply this formula and truly create massive wealth and he wasn't satisfied with it staying a secret. As the book states, Carnegie noticed that traditional schools didn't provide any worthwhile education for creating wealth or even a living for that matter. Thus, he commissioned Napoleon Hill to spend twenty years interviewing the wealthiest men known at the time and developed what is now called The Law Of Success.

Think and Grow Rich is the overview and guiding text for the principles described in the Law of Success. The one word of caution that the author provides is that the law of success can only be applied for those who are truly ready for the steps to become a millionaire.

What You Will Find Inside:

* Why Riches cannot always be measured in money, but spiritual values
* Desire is the first steps towards riches
* The power of auto-suggestion
* The acquisition of specialized knowledge
* How using your imagination is a key step towards riches
* Making wealth building decisions and using organized planning to build wealth
* The power of the master mind principle
* Mastering fear, the subconscious, and applying the "sixth" sense

What can be said further to persuade you to read, think and grow rich using the principles in this book? Get it, learn it, apply it. I will be happy to send you a free copy of this wonderful book. Look for contact information on my website.

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