In 2002, Verizon Wireless ™ coined the infamous phrase, “Can you hear me now?” in one of their largest and most successful advertising campaigns. Take a minute to think about that slogan — your intuition is a lot like that. Your intuition wants to help you be successful, it wants you to hear its message and it wants to make a positive impact in your life.

Just like these now-commonplace Smartphones and Droids, your intuition is receptive to you and the potentiality that exists within your life. But here’s the thing, your intuition needs a two-way signal: your intuitive mind speaks to you, and you must listen and take action. Think in terms of a cell tower. It has a wide range of capabilities. It opens the window to communication without any restrictive lines or wires to tie you down. You are free to go wherever you choose to go; yet your intuition, your inner Smartphone, is there with you no matter where you are, what you are doing, or with whom you are. So you might say that your intuition is asking you, “Can you hear me now?” Are you listening?

What would you say if I told you that you have all the power, not at your fingertips, but within your intuitive mind? Well you do. Your intuition comes with all the premiere bells and whistles similar to the intelligent apps on your phone. It can give you directions, educate you, entertain you, inspire you, motivate you and even redefine you. Yes, it is that simple. Your intuition is one of the most self-empowering and remarkable mind tools that you have at your constant disposal. But if you are not listening to the valuable insights it is giving you day in and day out, then you are throwing energy, opportunity, time, talent and money out the window. Can you hear me now?

Channeling your intuition

You have the inner power to clearly hear your intuitive mind speaking to you when you seriously make the effort to focus on it. When you are driving to work, walking in a park, eating dinner, taking a bubble bath, running for exercise… all of these seemingly everyday events are the perfect times to concentrate on your intuition and the nuggets of wisdom it is giving you. Hear what it is saying to you. No, it may not be an audible voice you hear over a phone, but nonetheless, it is an important voice that gives you the gut feeling to do one thing or the other, or to do nothing at all. Maybe you have been seeking a resolution to a hardcore problem, or you are debating whether or not you want to make that investment, or you have been looking for a new path to achieve real, tangible success in your life; or you just want to know how to make a connection with that special someone… ask your intuitive mind to help you. All you have to do is think about your question and be receptive to what your intuition is saying. If one of the largest wireless companies in the world can make millions listen to its message for the sake of a sale, then isn’t it time you start listening to your intuition to enrich your own life?

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