You will guarantee your happiness in life once you learn how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. However, I must warn you that in order to guarantee your happiness, in the beginning you’ll have to accept suffering. You have to correct your behavior.

I’m telling you the truth because only if you’ll understand the truth can you find real balance. Without eliminating your violent tendencies, and without learning how to develop your intelligent, you’ll be an eternal slave of your animal nature.

There is no way you may find authentic happiness in life if you are controlled by your animal and evil nature. The animal nature is evil because most animals are killers.

You are used to believe that this is the indispensable route of life. You believe that one animal kills another because this is the only way life could exist. However, the real reason why there are so many wild animals on Earth is because God gives us many examples through their behavior, so that we may understand how horrible violence is. The animal nature is very dangerous because it is violent and irrational.

All wild animals show us how dangerous our environment is. This means that you are in constant danger. There are numerous threats against you everywhere.

If you don’t believe that our planet and all its animals and plants were created by God in order to transform our evil nature into human nature, you must consider the fact that so many different vegetal and animal species could never have appeared on our young planet by chance. This supposition is the result of human ignorance.

There is a God, but Satan exists too, and it lives inside you. It is your anti-conscience, the primitive side of your brain that didn’t evolve like your human side because it refuses learning and transforming its behavior.

In order to guarantee your happiness in life you must eliminate your satanic animal nature, and learn how to develop the positive characteristics of your human personality. Your sound mental health is the only guarantee you have that you will never be controlled by craziness in your life.

Once you eliminate your violent and evil tendencies, you’ll never again be threatened by the absurdity you have inherited into the biggest part of your brain.

Nothing else can help you guarantee your peace of mind.

You have no guarantees on Earth, a very dangerous planet where you may lose your life at any moment. If you want to be happy while living on a dangerous planet like Earth, you must eliminate at least the worst dangers that are threatening your life all the time.

Be realistic, and stop believing in illusions. Without transforming your personality you’ll never find authentic happiness on Earth, the beautiful and dangerous planet that is being gradually destroyed by many horrible creatures that pretend to be human.

The beautiful nature of Earth and its dangerous functioning reflect the battle existent in your own psyche. You are a beautiful human being who can attain wisdom and live happily forever. However, your violent and evil animal tendencies prevent you from finding peace. Without peace, you cannot find balance. At the same time, you keep making mistakes, without paying attention to your spiritual evolution. You merely survive, without any hope of salvation.

You have to find your freedom. However, in order to do so, you have to obey the unconscious wisdom. Alone, you’ll never be able to find sound mental health and get out of your unbearable prison.

In order to guarantee your happiness you must guarantee the superiority of your personality, and always control your behavior. You cannot let hatred control your actions.

Your calm attitude cannot be based on theoretical decisions. You have to eliminate the roots of craziness from your mind if you want to be really calm.

Through dream therapy you’ll gradually eliminate your violent tendencies. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams has a divine origin. You will learn how to become a balanced human being.

You’ll then have many interesting dreams, showing you that you have attained a higher level of knowledge.

Once I dreamt that I was giving diamonds to one of my classmates from elementary school. I used to help her in various tasks because she was not a good student. I had this dream in 1988, when I was at the beginning of my research. This dream showed me that I would be able to transmit the precious knowledge I would acquire through dream translation to everyone, even to those who were not good students like my classmate.

The diamonds I was giving her were the diamonds I found for being able to translate the wise unconscious messages in dreams.

Diamonds in dreams represent wisdom.

This dream was a prediction. It was very encouraging at that time. I was still very far from real knowledge. I couldn’t believe that I would be able to continue the research of a psychiatrist. However, the unconscious mind was guiding me in my dreams, and in my daily life. I was not alone. I was obeying the unconscious wisdom.

My success as a dream translator and psychiatrist is based on my obedience, and not on my own intelligence. I was a very ignorant human being, and I was practically already schizophrenic like my father. I was saved from craziness through dream therapy because I was very obedient.

Later, I could cure many people from severe mental illnesses into practice exactly because I always obey the unconscious guidance. This is the big secret, which I share with you. I show you everything I know so that you may become a professional dream translator like me.

If you want to learn everything I know you have to be obedient like me. The unconscious mind is always right because it has a saintly nature, while you are an evil and ignorant creature. You don’t know what is good or bad. You believe you do, but your knowledge is too limited. Your capacities were not completely developed yet.

Obey the unconscious wisdom with gratitude, and you’ll surely achieve your goals after transforming your personality. The unconscious mind will transform you into a superior human being. This is how you’ll always make the right decisions.

Positive dreams will give you courage, and help you feel that you have supernatural powers. The truth is that you do acquire a third eye only because you can understand the wise messages of the divine unconscious mind, and predict the future development of reality.

The unconscious mind will transform you into a true genius.

I was so ignorant when I was at the beginning of my research… The positive dream I saw in the beginning of 1988 about giving diamonds to my classmate made me feel that I really had a special talent. It gave me self-confidence, and the courage to keep working.

In the beginning I didn’t know if my studies would really lead me to brilliant solutions, or if I was merely wasting my time. At that time I didn’t know that I would continue Carl Jung’s research and discover the terrible anti-conscience that generates mental illnesses within our human conscience.

I could discover the meaning of numerous dream symbols that Jung had mentioned but he couldn’t understand. He didn’t give many answers that I had to find by myself. Today you have the results of this long research. You can easily learn the scientific discoveries made by two generations.

When you’ll master the dream language, you will feel very grateful for accepting your suffering in the beginning of your psychological transformation. You will understand the meaning of wisdom.

There is no happiness without the acceptance of suffering. You must accept passing through many sad situations in life in order to help others. You also have to accept suffering in order to evolve. You must learn many important moral lessons that will help you develop your sensitivity.

Don’t be afraid of suffering when your suffering transforms you into a sensitive human being. You must be afraid of suffering when you are a victim of terror.

There is a big difference between both. When you suffer in order to become a better human being who shows compassion to everyone, your suffering works like a surgical operation, which improves your spiritual health.

However, when you suffer because you are a victim of terror, this suffering is harmful.

You will suffer as a victim of terror if you are controlled by your evil anti-conscience. You must prevent suffering this way by following dream therapy.

The unconscious mind sends you many important messages in dreams in order to eliminate what is bad in your brain, and in your daily life. There are many important aspects that must be transformed, so that you may find real balance. Your physical health depends on your balance. Your destiny depends on your mental stability.

Guaranteeing your happiness in life is not a simple matter. It is possible only when you are very serious, and you eliminate all dangers from your life.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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