Affairs is an illusion that exists in the dark. Bring it to the light
Why do people have affairs and continue to do business? Because I feel so drunk! They feel uncomfortable or tired of their "real life", which makes them feel energetic again. Some people love them. Some people appreciate their thoughts and feelings. So can you accept your friends having an affair?

But this is just an illusion. The reason why this person can love them unconditionally and their thoughts and feelings are so important is that they are not living in real life. They don't have to pay bills, cook, take their children to see a doctor, deal with the big family crisis, and all the other things that marriage brings.

When you are in the middle of having an affair, you start to wonder what happens if this happens. You can see that you have married this person and see how wonderful this marriage will be. You have not considered how angry, sad and confused your child will be. You have not considered how long it will take to end the marriage and establish a custody legal battle. You didn't think of this; you fantasize that all obstacles will drift away.

Nothing can end this thing like reality. Now I want to recommend something very attractive here, and some people may disagree with me. Maybe my advice is not the correct course of action in all cases. But I still believe that secrets are dangerous. When we expose things, God can start working.

If you know that a friend has an affair, I strongly recommend that she sit down with her and tell her unequivocally, "Now, this is the end, otherwise I will tell your spouse and your lover's spouse."

Don't talk to her about how unpleasant her marriage is. Don't discuss how great this person is. Be firm.

What you are doing is wrong, it needs to stop. If you want to continue to be with this person, your spouse should still know now, so they can be prepared. I am not going to be such a party, so I will tell you if I want to end it.

What did you say? I have a couple with your husband and sit down and let them know.

If, as in the case of the author of this letter, you have a suspicion, but your friend has not admitted it yet? You can say to your friend: "What I see is inappropriate, whether it is a complete thing. I am worried about your marriage, I think your husband needs to know so that you can work together. When you tell When he is, I am happy to be with you."

Will your friend hate you and be angry with you? probably. But what is more important in the end? Keep this friendship, or let this marriage have a chance to survive? How to have an affair without getting caught? If this is going on, marriage will not survive. However, telling your spouse has two things:

It will stop this fantasy life, it seems easy
It gives the other spouse a chance to fight for marriage
If both your partner and you enjoy affairs, something will be differient.

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