Communicating effectively is a key element to success. It involves the elements of transmitting, receiving and understanding the message being directed to others in relationships especially in the workforce. As a senior leader and manager, I welcomed my employees to state the problem. However, when they bring a problem to the staff meeting they must have some possible solutions in mind to resolve the issue. Moaning, groaning and constant complaining will not work. Seeking resolution will bring respect to you from your managers and fellow colleagues. Here are a few strategies to help you rise to the top in most situations:

Take ownership and avoid blaming. Why, you will be isolated in your agency across staff lines. There will be a time when the “who done it” needs to be identified, not humiliated in public. If you see yourself as a "team player” then you are not a part of the problem. Blaming others and excluding yourself is not the approach that will win you friends, but will guarantee you enemies. The goal is to resolve and see a win-win when possible.

Actions speak louder than words. Your nonverbal and verbal communications are extremely critical. If you speak distastefully about your leaders, managers or peers, those listening or not will have formed and opinion about your professional decorum. If you are looking for a promotion, as a core value working and coping with others is a skill set that you will need to move to your next level.

Don’t blindside an employee whether coworker or manager. You cannot conquer what you don’t first confront. Let them know first there is a problem and attempt to “resolve” first before moving to the next level. You don’t want to damage relationships; you want to build good relationships and keep the "Bridge" you cross going up as you may need it coming back down.

Honor your commitments. Each piece of the puzzle is needed to complete the puzzle. A team member is like that piece of the puzzle. Your “lack of” causes a “crack of” and can result in failure to meet critical deadlines. If your “plate” is full ask for help or let someone know before the commitment is due. Help others along the way. Mentor - Coach - Teach one or reach one. You can’t help everyone, but you can help someone. Educate, Encourage and motive others and help them find opportunities to use their gifts, talents and skill sets.

I am Dr Cita Maloon-Gibson,the one and only Empowerment Doc. Growing and Empowering Future Leaders Now! My Why? Is your success.

Accomplishments are not done alone. Give credit where credit is due. The most powerful words in the workforce are “Thank-you”. Every now and then a letter, certificate, time off and face to face is important and appreciated. Take time to recognize and reward those that make you look good.

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