Learning what therapies manage to release the inner blocks but from experience contact with your twin brings such blocks to the surface. Seeking psychological support to help decider the emotions and meaning from these helps along with learning to manage the energies such as Reiki, helping to release inner negative block through acupuncture for me has also been beneficial. Even a good astrologer can help you in this!

Learning to follow your inner intuition, feelings, and guidance without the influence of external norms from society and family is probably the most difficult part.
Their ‘problems’ are going to be situations where they can gain the most soul growth and re-connection to their Divine purpose and mission together.

Most will have to overcome some type of social, familial, economic, religious, racial, geographical location, or other boundaries most are afraid to cross. They are also usually faced with personal blockages that they did not even realize they still held within until their twin activates for clearing.

There is no meaningful answer. You will however get many different answers, many anecdotal, from “experts” who don’t really know either. None of their evidence would stand up in a courtroom.

With all due respect, twin flames aren’t really real, only a pseudoscience belief system, no matter how many actually believe in it.

There is not even a body of consistent or agreed-upon meaningful rules for twin flames. It’s not as if there’s the equivalent of a HANDBOOK OF CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS.

If it were real, scientists would be studying the process and actively using it (and other magic) to ferret out the secrets of the Universe. And sharing a Nobel Prize! That they do not speak volumes.

They use instead a process known as science, which is without question the most important and successful way to understand how the Universe really works.

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