This comes as an obvious question especially for students with English as their second language. Writing is considered as a complex intellectual task as it comprise of several component skills. A majority of students who lack such skills completely or have only partially mastered some of the skills consider their writing to be weak. This becomes the reason of stress for students and often forces them to look for some expert assignment writing services where some ghost writers can help them to meet such academic writing commitments with high-quality analysis and writing.

However, there are several ways through which students can improve their writing. Even if your writing is not up to the standard, you can still work through some of the ways to reach the standards. This is so, as among the 4 skill sets, namely, reading, listening, writing and speaking, it is the writing skills that are easiest to develop and improve.

As an ESL teacher for nearly 14 years now, I could write several articles about improving writing skills. I could provide some of the unusual ways that have proven to be effective especially for Masters students struggling with their writing skills.

A successful way is to start working on your reading skills:

Select some of the good articles or book chapters on your topic of interest.

Read the introduction paragraph of the chapter or the article several times to ‘gist’ over the meaning and idea of the content.

Further, write this paragraph in your own words and compare your work with the original, then go back and modify your work till you are able to present the content to hook the readers in this first section only.

Next, go through the next paragraphs or sections of the selected paper, article or chapter and repeat the above-discussed process until you are able to mirror the original information in your own words.

The process may look like tedious and boring to many of you, but my experience says, it is a quick method to raise your competency to read, analyse and write. Try it out, start your work with 250 to 350 words and a minimum of one hour at a time. Once you master the technique and practice it as a daily activity, you will develop strong skills to read a comprehension and analyse the given information. These skills forms the basis of good writing skills where you get acquainted with writing mechanics (grammar, sentence structure, spellings), planning your writing task, concise and crisp communication of ideas, presenting a justified and demonstrable argument and presenting the ideas in an organized manner while marshalling the evidence in an appropriate manner.

Surely, the process can become the key to mastering writing skills and meeting every academic requirement without the help of any writing services.

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