Tubal blockage is a gynecological disease, which can cause great harm to the female health. This problem does not only affect the female reproductive health, but also causes infertility in serious cases. Once females' fallopian tubes are blocked, they should take methods to get treated in time.

Can rope jumping treat tubal blockage?

In daily life, many females have probably heard that jumping rope helps unclog the fallopian tubes. Is that actually the case?

Tubal blockage is usually caused by inflammation spreading upward through the uterine lining, resulting in inflammatory changes in the tubal mucosa. This in turn causes degenerative changes in the tubal epithelium. By the continued spread of inflammation, it will lead to the tubal blockage and even the blocked uterine cavity.

As for the rope jumping, it is actually a suitable daily exercise for female friends, while it does not help to change the tubal adhesion and blockage caused by inflammation. But rope jumping, as a good aerobic exercise, does help people with tubal blockage boost their immune system, which can help them better resist the bacteria infection.

Whether it's rope jumping or other sports, they are usually seen as the adjuvant therapy. To better solve the tubal blockage, these following common treatment methods are what females friends should have a try based on their conditions.

1. Medicine treatment for tubal problems

For the tubal blockage, which is not very serious, medicine treatment can be chosen firstly. Traditional Chinese medicine can be used to activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, as well as to clear the heat and humidity to help unclog the fallopian tubes. For example, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill developed by Dr. Lee Xiaoping's TCM Clinic, can effectively treat the tubal blockage caused by inflammation and related problems. It can effectively kill various bacteria and viruses, dispel painful symptoms, and improve the female health. What's more, it has no side effects. Therefore, many female patients choose the medicine with great appreciation.

2. Separation surgery for tubal adhesion

Fallopian tubes tend to stick to external tissues because of the inflammatory lesion. In this case, doctors can use laparoscope to separate the sticky parts of the fallopian tubes. Surgeries can usually help to restore the normal conditions of fallopian tubes and ovaries. But the operations can also lead to some damage to the female body. Therefore, you should consider it carefully before you make the decision. If you have no idea, consult your doctor with no delay. If you choose the surgery, you should pay more attention to the personal hygiene before and after the surgery. Keep yourself clean and have more rest.

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