It is a genetic disorder that is caused by the problem in the gene. In this disorder some extra tissues buildup on the surface of your kidneys that get filled with fluids that are known as cysts. Normally, cysts are not harmful to the body, but these cysts can destroy the tissue of kidneys that also affects their functions. A polycystic kidney disorder is a form of chronic disease that can lead to renal failure if left untreated. The size of every cyst is different from each other and they can grow very large that can cause many health-related problems.

Having cyst or large cyst can impair the functioning of your kidneys. Treatment of these cysts varies from an individual’s health condition, as due to the majority of them are suffering from another chronic disease like high blood pressure and diabetes. Polycystic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda is very powerful in treating the causes of PKD.

Kidney cyst is also known as “Adult PKD” because there are no signs available at a young age and the symptoms of PKD are noticeable at the age of 35-50 years of age. But when this disease is diagnosed, then urgent treatment must be needed to the patient for the recovery from this disease. There are many risks involved in it, like PKD cause cyst development in your liver, high blood pressure, and even kidney failure if not treated. In some cases, polycystic kidney disease can turn into cancer.

Causes of PKD:-

PKD is a genetic disorder that may become from one or both parents to their children. PKD is classified into two types:

Autosomal Dominant (ADPKD) – This disease is more common among kidney patients. There are shocking stats that 90% of kidney patients suffer from Autosomal Dominant polycystic disease. In this disease, there are 50% chances that a child will have this condition from his/her single or both the parents. There are no signs and symptoms available until an individual reaches an advanced stage.

Autosomal Recessive PKD – This form of PKD is not so common among kidney patients, in this PKD only one parent has the gene and there were only 25% chances that he will be going to suffer from this condition. The child has PKD gene inside his/her body and has no health problems but he is a carrier of this disorder and can pass this PKD gene to the coming generation.

Polycystic kidney disease Ayurvedic treatment can maintain the right balance of your body and cure you of this chronic kidney disease.

Symptoms of polycystic kidney disorder

Symptoms may not noticeable at the starting stage of this kidney disorder. Signs and symptoms are usually visible at the age of 35-50 years of age. Some of the symptoms are as follows:
• Hypertension
• Back or side pain
• Severe Headache
• A problem in the abdomen
• A problem in urine like blood in the urine
• Kidney stones
• Kidney failure
• Severe kidney infections

PKD is a type of kidney disease and needs to be treated on time. There are many risks involved in this disease that can affect other parts of the body and may cause other serious health issues like cancer. According to research done by a research company in Taiwan, individuals with polycystic kidney disease may have an increased risk of having liver, colon, and kidney cancer.

In that research, it was clearly mentioned that cases of cancer were nearly twice as common for patients with PKD, which is a threatening sign for kidney patients. Normally, kidney cysts are not harmful but when they grow larger or there is a presence blood-filled cyst, can damage your kidneys and may cause cancer. You saw that PKD is so harmful to your body, so choosing the appropriate treatment can help you in combating this disease. If you want hazards free treatment then always go for the polycystic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda that is 100% hazard free and can cure you of any kind of kidney disease.

Treatment for Polycystic kidney disorder

• Controlling high blood pressure – It is the most important part of the treatment, as high blood pressure is the major cause of kidney disease. It’s very important to control high blood pressure by making some essential changes in your daily lifestyle.
• Consumption of a low sodium diet can help your body in the treatment of polycystic kidney disorder. A low sodium diet can also helpful in lowering your blood pressure.
• Diuretics help your body to remove excess fluids from the body, fluid buildup in your body due to the abnormal functioning of your kidneys.
• When PKD reaches in advance stage then allopathy doctors advised you for dialysis and kidney transplant that is not at all good for your health due to its complications.
• Polycystic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda – Ayurveda has been considered as a natural healing process in all over the world. Ayurveda not only treats illness, but it also maintains the right balance of mind, body, and soul. Treatment in Ayurveda involves the use of natural herbs that are very effective in the treatment for polycystic kidney disorder from its roots.

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Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disease that is very harmful to your kidneys, in some cases it can lead to cancer if it’s not treated on time. Polycystic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda is the best and effective way to treat PKD.