Suffering from chronic prostatitis is a rather grievous experience for many male friends. Urination problems, such as frequent, urgent and endless urination, can drive men crazy in many cases. Besides, many of them are facing the painful and unpleasant sexual experience, which further make them worry about whether the disease will impact the sexual partner's health.

When it comes to the chronic prostatitis, it is not a strange item for male friends. Because prostatitis is a very common disease with high probability among men, it can be seen as a lifetime problem for half of all male friends. In particular, men who like to stay at home to play computer, watch TV and play mahjong are the frequent targets of prostatitis. Because siting for a long time can make the blood circulation poor and cause the local congestion, laying the foreshadowing for the occurrence of prostatitis.

Doctors point out that the impacts of chronic prostatitis on the health of men are mainly manifested as dysuria, such as frequent urination, urgent urination, inexhaustible urination and painful urination. The painful sensation also involves pelvic cavity, scrotum and so on.

Chronic prostatitis can also cause mental problems, making male friends anxious, depressed, frustrated and irritable. As a result, male friends will have depression and anxiety, fatigue, sleep disorders, hot flashes and excessive sweating, decline memory and so on. In this case, the harmony of the couple will be affected as well.

Can the impacts of chronic prostatitis be transmitted to the sexual partner? Doctors stress that some patients with chronic prostatitis can impact the women through the sexual life, causing female inflammations. The chronic prostatitis that can cause damage to the female health is usually caused by mycoplasma, chlamydia and other special bacteria.

While most chronic prostatitis is non-bacterial and not contagious, so ladies don't have to worry too much. However, to be on the safe side, it is better to use condoms when having sexual intercourse.

Whether it's for your own health or for your sexual partner's sake, if you have chronic prostatitis, it's better to get treatment in time. Usually, a herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good method. This herbal formula works to eliminate inflammation, kill bacteria, clear heat, eliminate toxins and promote blood circulation. Patients can get chronic prostatitis totally cured through a long-term medication.

Chronic prostatitis will not fade away on its own, the delayed treatment can only make the disease worse. So make sure you get suitable treatment in a timely manner. Additionally, your life conditioning should be moderate and healthy. Paying more attention to the diet is needed in most cases. Don’t eat spicy food, drink alcohol or smoke.

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