The child sees the parents fighting till their faces turn red. The parents shout at each other. If arguments and fights are a part of your daily life, the child sees all this and is likely to become aggressive and ill-mannered.

Jessica complained that her 10 years old daughter doesn't listen to her or any other family members. But when Jessica and her husband fight, the daughter has all the ears. This is a common problem faced by several families. The children see their moms and dads fighting and it cause behavioral problems in their lives. It can be emotionally disturbing for the children to see their parents fighting in front of them. The emotional stability of a child gets disturbed.

Negative emotions get built in the kid's mind. He may start feeling insecure and unloved. Poor communication techniques can impact the discipline of the child. Family conflicts can produce low self-esteem and worry in a child. The children may avoid being at home also. They can start taking drugs and alcohol to relieve their stress.

As the parents get frustrated and depressed, it can lead to several problems and can affect parent-child relationship. If husband and wife fight, they are likely to get disturbed. Hence, when the child comes to them, there are greater chances that they yell and shout at the child. The kids' needs should be fulfilled. Make him feel loved.

Quarreling parents can affect the child's studies also. The grades may fall low. The child cannot cope up with the daily stress and fights at home. The overall school performance of the child also gets affected.

When the parents fight about each other's parenting skills, the child gets confused. He fails to understand what is the correct way for the parents to deal with their child. The parents should discuss about the parenting roles and problems personally. The child should not be involved in such discussions.

The children may be anxious and insecure when the parents fight in front of the children. The kids feel isolated. They wish that the fight should be stopped; no matter whether the issue gets solved or remains unsolved.

The parents should make the child feel warm and well-protected. You are damaging your child in many ways. Many parents don't realize what the children may be feeling when they see the parents fighting and shouting at each other. Parents should know that the young children are sensitive to the parental fights. No matter at what age the child is, he would have several emotional imbalances when he gets to know that his parents fight regularly. If the parents are not happy with each other, they should try to resolve the matter in private. The child should not be exposed to a scenario where the parents fight.

So, next time you're about to enter into a fight with your spouse, remember that you are setting a wrong example in front of the child. Go to your room and discuss the issue with your spouse personally.

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Eva Foxman is a mother of 2 tremendous teens and passionate about having fulfilling relationships, especially with her children. Apart from raising 2 amazing adolescents, she loves to read, write and share parenting experiences, stories, articles and much more that can help others to parent their young children. Eva is a single parent though, she maintains quite a better balance between her parenting and professional role as a Corporate Manager with 180 Parenting - One Stop Support for parents offering useful help, advice, techniques, tools and information about Interventions as well as Boot Camps, Behavioral problems in children and Child Behavior Disorder.