Period pains are something which every woman has experienced. It feels as if your uterus is stabbing you and punishing you for not making a baby. However, many studies have shown that even stress causes period pains. Because of these studies, there is an effective solution which has come into play in helping with period pains and irregular periods. It is called meditation.

Irregular periods are basically a sign for women which tells that their body is reaching the end of its reproductivity. With meditation comes physical and emotional pain and changes. This is because your body is trying to adapt itself for menopause. It can be hard to accept and the pain can be unbearable but meditation can help.

What Is Meditation

Meditation is connected with spirituality and religion. A person practising meditation has to focus their mind on something to achieve relaxation and peace. It can be a motivating sentence or even how you go about your daily routine. Even the medical world regards meditation as a good remedy.

Benefits Of Meditating

Meditation has emotional as well as physical benefits. It has a calming soothing effect on your body. It is related directly with being positive. It can help balance the chemicals in your brain such as dopamine and serotonin. It helps you to get rid of the negativity and the way you react to your period. This way the emotional rollercoaster accompanied with periods can be stabilized as well as the physical pain. It all depends on how you react to it and with it.

How Can Meditation Help Irregular And Painful Periods

Multiple studies have shown that stress is a very big factor which causes period pains. Meditation helps you combat period pains by changing the way to react to it. It changes your attitude towards it as well as your emotions.

Don’t rush into things. Allow yourself a holiday or less chores. Take a day off from work. Anything that you feel like doing. Learn to love your body because it has demands too. As for your emotions, you may feel like crying for no reason when you see a cute dog or cat OR you may feel like ripping the world apart and taking out all your anger on your friend and lover. JUST DO IT. It really helps calm your nerves. Do not ignore your emotions.

Indulge in good healthy food. Yes you can indulge in chocolates or greasy food once in a while but what your body really needs is the healthy stuff. Who said vegetables have to be boring? Sip on some tea or hot soup. Your body will love you for it.

Always choose and peaceful and quiet environment to meditate. Light up some scented candles and relax. Remember that meditation cannot be forced. Do not beat yourself up over it. With a little bit of time and practise, you’ll get the hang of it. Changing your attitude towards your period can help your body significantly.

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