Can Laser Pointers Make A Difference to Our Lives?
A car, a spouse, a guitar, a book, a job opportunity, an IV league admission, a friend, a lottery, a coke studio appearance, a mentor, a spiritual experience, an inspirational film, a motivational poem, a successful experiment, a heartfelt passion, a discovered talent and many other things can certainly turn your world around for the best. But did you ever thought that a product as ordinary, small and seemingly insignificant as a laser point can also make a difference to your temporal existence on this exciting planet earth? That may sound either too philosophical or too funny or simply an exaggeration at first but wait a bit before you judge my claim.

Laser Pointers

A laser pointer is a small handheld device using a battery and a laser diode emitting narrow low powered laser beam of visible light to highlight particular things by illuminating it with a beam of the bright spot of light. There are different types of laser applications available in various colors and capacities to meet our various needs. Here I present some of the obvious yet underrated uses of laser pointers in daily lives. A laser pointer helps you giving the signal for acquiring help from others. Whether you opt for camping or enthusiastic hiking, laser pointer helps you prepare for unexpected events. These days, many people love going to solo trips and laser pointers are used as a great tool for help and being seen from far away. You choose for the best burning laser pointer to use it for popping balloons, igniting matches and creating fires using gasoline or lighter fluid.

Their Uses

Lasers are wonderful tools for camping. Besides signaling for help, they can be used for other different things on the campsite. They work as cool flashlights while you easily adjust your laser beam as per your needs. They are used for light painting, a creative form of photography in which natural light sources and handheld light sources are combined for stunning and lovely landscapes. They are commonly utilized in astronomy, primarily for star pointing. With their special trait of emitting straight and highly visible beam, laser pointers help us in pointing out starts and constellations accurately. Lasers are efficient ways of removing birds from unwanted places. It helps to make birds fly away without getting hurt as they get scared and they don’t return. Recently, laser pointers have undergone evolution and are today available in all shapes and sizes from key chains to pen-styled to larger flashlight-styled lasers in different capacities.


However, before online shopping, it is important to do exhaustive research for choosing only the best quality products. It is recommended to look for blue, red or best green laser pointer for presentations and you avoid buying violet colors as they are not much visible. One should analyze their needs and should be knowledgeable about different kinds of laser pointers so you can choose the right models with right power output. Interesting online shopping allows you to select from a huge variety of range of brands and kinds of laser pointers. Whether you aim for the best burning laser printer or powerful green light laser printer, online shopping does allow you to get hold of the best ones within your budget.

Computers and Laser Pointers in Parallel

The PC revolution: In 50’s and 60’s, computers were large, expensive and relatively rare devices used by experts. In the 70’s, arrived the microprocessor. This tiny and cheap device was taken up by hobbyists and enthusiasts at places like the legendary Homebrew Computer Club. The first machines were underpowered and hard to use but they rapidly bettered. It was these hobbyists who were responsible for bringing the PC revolution. What about a laser pointer revolution? In the last century, visible lasers with substantial beam powers were large, expensive and relatively rare devices used by experts alone. Then in the mid-2000’s, entered affordable laser pointers & diode lasers. These tiny and cheap devices have been taken up by hobbyists and enthusiasts on Internet forums such as & Ambitious technologists are developing applications and demonstrations in areas such as laser pointer microscopy, inexpensive 3D scanners, quantum erasure, advanced optics and photography timing sensors etc. Michigan State University created a system using a laser similar to a pointer for detecting explosive materials for the Department of Homeland Security.

The X factor

If you have stage phobia and are scared of stepping on that platform where you are being judged ruthlessly by innumerable people, this little device can help you boost your confidence level drastically as you can take full command of what you want to focus by a mere wrist movement from a distance. This may sound very insignificant at first but when you actually do it, it does make you feel very comfortable and in control. Thus, in many situations of life, size does not matter at all. Physically, it is just a small item but it can turn a seemingly dull or even frightening day into a really good one with clapping all around from the audience. Who doesn’t crave for a round of genuine applause?

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Carol Hills is an inspirational and motivational writer and speaker. She has been writing since her childhood and now writes for 'WeReviews'. She is a mother of two and work full time while managing kids.