“Can Imagination Change Your Reality – See & Hear?”
• 1. Michael, (my youngest son), “Which is more powerful, which do you trust more, “Imagination”, or your experiences?”

• 2. “No question, what I see, hear, & feel,” Mike shot back.

• 3. “Remember this: your three most powerful learning tools (senses) are V-A-K, Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic.

• 4. Kinesthetic Learning includes tactile, touch, feelings & emotions. Tasting & smelling are a distant four & five. Get this: when you take notes with a pen or type, you activate V-A-K.

• 5. You ‘see’ what you write, ‘hear’ in your mind what you write, and ‘touch’ (move) the pen (kinesthetic).”

• 6. “I’m going to write that down, ‘V-A-K’,” said Mike.

• 7. “Let me explain the latest scientific research on Imagination and how your Brain changes your senses.”
• 8. “This is important because it gives you a Unique-Competitive-Advantage (winning) in sports, school & your career. Wanna know more?”

• 9. “Only if it’s practical, and helps me in school or my work.”

• 10. “Example, Ted Williams, a baseball superstar said, “I used my imagination to get the most hits in a season. See, I pictured in my MIND, the pitched ball was twice the size as it really was. Big as a coconut. It made it easier
to swing my bat around to connect.”

• 11. “I’m not going into sports. Could I use my Imagination to ACE a job interview?”

• 12. “Seeing the end-result, (positive outcome) in your Mind’s Eye, for example? You can use your imagination to help the HR interviewer say “Yes!” to you over 24 other applicants.”

• 13. “Could you explain who the experts are who say Imagination can change what we hear and see?”

• 14. The research is published in the journal, “Current Biology”, (6.27.13). Who did it? The “Karolinska Institute”, the Nobel folks in Sweden. This study has been duplicated internationally and stands for this:

• 15. “Christopher Berger, lead author said, “What we imagine “hearing”, changes what we actual SEE. And what we imagine seeing, changes what we actually “hear”. Sounds crazy?”

• 16. “Not if it helps me ace my exams in school, and get promotions in my career. Tell me more.”

• 17. “The scientists get fancy, “Sensory signals by our own Imagination are strong enough to change our real-world
perception coming from our SENSES,” Professor H. Ehrsson. Still crazy?”

• 18. “Are you saying our brain cannot distinguish between the actual reality of feedback from our senses, to what we choose to Imagine?”

• 19. “Like you said, is this research relevant to our life experiences. What’s our REWARD for using imagination

“commands”. It does not distinguish between ‘thought’ (Imagination & Feelings) and reality.” If you use your “Willpower” to imagine it, then it is your Reality.”

• 21. “You are NOT saying you actually change the reality of others, just for yourself, right?”

• 22. “Take a leap-of-faith. When you are interacting with others, your imagination changes how you feel and act towards others. Example: when you S-M-I-L-E and act highly confident, it is contagious to others.”

• 23. “And they ACT differently towards you, right?”

• 24. “Now you got it. The HR job interviewer doesn’t know why, but he likes you better than all the other candidates. Your Imagination was creating a “mental-movie” of you smiling, and being relaxed and self-assured.

• 25. It is ‘cause-and-effect. Your became what you
‘imagined’, and it influenced, persuaded, and convinced the HR interviewer. It’s called PRIMING POWER.”

• 26. “OK, How do I use Imagination to ace exams, get the job, and maybe win promotions at work?”

• 27. Four quick (3-minutes total) steps.

• 28. Step one: Diaphragmatic Breathing to change your MINDSET to relaxed and right-brained, exercising imagination. More later.

• 29. Step two: one-minute of affirmations to get the attention of your subconscious mind. Eight-times:
“Why is everything always working out for me?”
Remember, get emotional, feel it in your mind-body connection.”

• 30. Step three: Imagine a historical success where you were a winner in a specific activity. It can big or small,
a game, sport, a personal relationship, or a negotiation.
Hold that positive outcome for 10-seconds and S-M-I-L-E
emotionally. Got it?”

• 31. Step four: now SWITCH your imagination (Priming Power) to your present goal. Use your ”willpower” to change your Imagination to see yourself ACING the exam,
or winning the ‘executive job’. How about getting the promotion or getting a big “Yes!” for a relationship with your Significant-Other.”

• 32. “Tiger Wood” uses Priming Power before a golf match, and you can change your own life or that of your kids. See Mike, ‘Priming Power’, the emotional use of your Imagination is a Life-Changer. It’s our secret.”

That’s it. See ya, “Tap-in-Turn-on, & Tune-In” (to your imagination).
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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