With more than 100 million U.S. adults now living with diabetes or pre-diabetes, the ability to be able to self-monitor blood glucose levels is more important than ever before.

Test strips that monitor blood glucose levels are absolutely necessary for anyone who uses insulin to safely adjust the dose of insulin they require.  They are also helpful for people with non-insulin dependent diabetes to know how well they are managing their diabetes.

But, here’s the thing: diabetic test strips can be incredibly expensive, and for some people, their insurance does not provide as many strips as they need to safely manage their condition. This can lead to potentially dangerous symptoms that could quickly and easily be avoided by the ability to self-test on a regular basis.

Who Buys Unwanted Diabetic Test Strips?

If you are one of the many individuals across America who is regularly provided with more diabetic test strips than you can use on a monthly basis, you may have built up quite a collection that you are unsure what to do with.

Perhaps you are wondering if your unused and unwanted test strips could be used by fellow sufferers who don’t have access to as many test strips as they really need.  Here at  sellyourtststrips.com, we can turn your unused diabetic test strips into welcome cash while helping those who need them most.

Did you know that you are able to legally sell diabetic test strips that have not yet reached their expiration date?  Because of this, these important pieces of test apparatus can now be provided to diabetics who have a difficult time sourcing their own.  By selling your diabetic test strips to us you can help turn your unwanted trash into cash while helping fellow sufferers who go without as a result of lower fixed incomes or a lack of effective health insurance.

What Happens When I Sell My Test Strips

Simply complete an online quote form with us and we will give you the best price for your unused diabetic test strips.  When we have received them, and you have been paid, we find ways to provide those without medical insurance or on low incomes the diabetic test strips they so desperately need at prices they can afford.

The premise is simple – you sell what you no longer want or need, to those who need affordable diabetic test strips to stay well.

Sell Your Unwanted Test Strips to Us Today!

Sell Your Test Strips is the best place to sell diabetic test strips online, and we treat all of our customers with integrity and respect.  If you would like to find out how much your diabetic tests strips are worth, and how you can help those who need them more, follow these simple steps:

Fill out our instant quote form and we’ll tell you how much cash you can get for your test strips

Pack up your test strips and send them using the free, pre-paid shipping label that comes complete with USPS free tracking included

Hand the package direct to your mail carrier

Get paid by check, PayPal, bank transfer or Western Union – you choose

Selling your unwanted, unexpired and undamaged diabetic test strips simply could not be easier.

If you have extra, unopened and unused boxes of diabetic test strips – whether you have switched brands, no longer need to test or test less frequently, or have a loved one who has passed away – don’t let them gather dust until they’ve expired and end up in the trash. We’re the best place to sell diabetic test strips online, and if you want to sell your test strips, we’re here to make the process easy and enjoyable!

Visit us at https://sellyourteststrips.com/ and get your free quote today!

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