Cervix is a small, narrow part that opens into the vagina. Many women diagnosed with any abnormalities in their uterus or vagina need to undergo a pap test. A Best Gynaecologist In Thane West collects the samples of your tissue from the cervix and sends them to the lab for further testing. This is done to diagnose cancer.
In a cervical biopsy, a gynecologist could take out a small sample of the tissue or remove all abnormal tissues during the biopsy. The question is how does cervical biopsy affect your pregnancy? A cervical biopsy might be needed during your pregnancy. It can increase the risk of bleeding if performed after the first trimester. Vaginal bleeding after a cervical biopsy is pretty natural, so make sure you bring a sanitary napkin. If you experience heavy bleeding, see your doctor immediately.
Does it Affect Your Fertility?
Cervical biopsies must be performed by a certified, experienced, and the best laparoscopic gynae surgeon in Thane. That’s because the procedure can cause scars and excess bleeding if done incorrectly. Any scarring on the cervix or its narrowing can lead to an increased risk of infertility and miscarriage.
Cone biopsy, specifically, is associated with a higher risk of infertility if it’s performed aggressively. In a cone biopsy, the surgeon removes a cone-shaped tissue from the cervix, which might narrow the cervix. Removing too much of these tissues or performing it incorrectly might lead to the narrowing of the cervix, a condition called cervical stenosis.
The sperm gets into your uterus through the cervix. So, if the cervix gets narrowed, the sperm won’t get inside. This will lead to infertility. It is important to discuss your pregnancy plans with the doctor before getting a cone biopsy. Also, you must tell your doctor if you are pregnant, as some cervical biopsies cannot be performed in second and third trimesters.
Other Complications of Cervical Biopsy
After the biopsy, you might experience cramps and light bleeding, which is usually dark in color. The bleeding should stop in a few hours. There is also a risk of infection and cervix scarring. As mentioned earlier, cone biopsy won’t necessarily cause any serious problems with fertility. But, if the doctor removes a large amount of tissues during the procedure, it can cause cervical stenosis, which increases complications in your pregnancy. That’s also the reason why gynecologists do not perform a cone biopsy while you are pregnant.
Cervical stenosis can lead to miscarriage or pre-term birth. Discuss your pregnancy or future plans with a doctor so that they can suggest the safest and most effective method for cervical biopsy. LEEP is the most preferred method for a cone biopsy. It’s associated with fewer long-term risks. Cold knife excision, on the other hand, has more complications. It can increase your risk of miscarriage, especially if performed in the second trimester. Scarring is also linked to painful menstrual cycles, which again cause pre-term birth.
Discuss the risks of a cervical biopsy with a gynecologist before going ahead with the procedure.

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