CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is a certification in the field of nursing where the candidate is trained in order to deliver the required services to the patients. These services are required in almost all the hospitals, nursing homes, and even private clinics. The major service of a certified nursing assistant is to monitor the overall activities and development of the patients so that they can be cured as soon as possible. You can have the cna certification from any of the recognized university or college. There are basically 5 levels of CNA certification that includes 6 months diploma degree, 2 years of associate degree, 4 years of bachelor's degree, 2 years of master's degree, and 2-5 years of doctorate degree.

While choosing for a CNA certification, it is important that you should have a prior knowledge about CNA certification, CNA certification courses, CNA certification classes, and CNA certification requirements. After completing the CNA certification training, you have to apply for the CNA license from the license authority, so that you can apply for any nursing job. This CNA license acts as a green signal to apply for any job in any hospital or nursing homes. There is a general question that arises in the mind of every job seeker that can they get more than one CNA certification? The answer is that CNA is a state specific certification. It is of no matter where you are trained, you can get the CNA certification license from any state. The main thing is that you have to clear the test conducted by the specific state authority. Sometimes you may be shifted to another state, therefore you cannot continue with the same license of the previous state, as you have to apply for another license from the current state where you are relocated.

The validity of CNA license depends on the state; some might have 1 year validity and some might have 2 years. It is important that you renew your license before it gets expired. Basically there are two reasons behind the CNA license renewal; one is that you can easily continue your job and another one is that you will not have to pay an extra amount and a penalty. There is a grace period that is given by the license authority for the renewal of license, but if you do not renew with the given time period then you will be penalized for that. Another important aspect is that you have to submit your transfer papers to show that you have been relocated.

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